Florida Association of Realtors Selects NFR Security’s Sentivist Intrusion Prevention System for Real-Time Threat Protection

ROCKVILLE, MD, March 14, 2005 – NFR Security, Inc., the leader in Real-Time Threat Protectionâ„?, today announced that the Florida Association of Realtors (FAR) has selected NFR Security’s flagship product, Sentivistâ„?, to protect and secure its member network against attacks including intrusions, malicious insiders and dynamic threats. NFR’s Sentivist solution will closely monitor, identify and prevent any kind of security threat to the organization’s enterprise network.

The Florida Association of Realtors is the largest professional trade organization in Florida. It is a statewide, member-driven organization with over 125,000 members. Members depend on the availability of the Florida Association of Realtors’ network 24/7/365 to conduct business. The network houses real estate tools and information including a variety of data, images and external links that are accessed on the network by the members’ businesses.

“Our network is a membership-based system, with more than 10,000 users accessing it on a daily basis,” said Bob Richards, vice president of information technology, Florida Association of Realtors. “Without a security monitoring system in place, we leave ourselves open to a major attack that could cripple our business. NFR’s Sentivist solution has given us the peace of mind we need to keep our network running securely, 24×7.”

The Florida Association of Realtors has outsourced the monitoring and reporting aspect of the service to NST Inc., a Chicago-based security systems integrator and partner of NFR Security.

“Sentivist’s intrusion prevention with Confidence Indexing allows us to deploy and tune inline prevention faster and with a lot more granularity than any other product. For example, we can tune to allow non-standard but legitimate application traffic that other IPS products would incorrectly block,” said Brian Phillips, Director of Technical Operations for NST Inc. “For businesses dependent on the Internet, network intrusion prevention is not an option, it’s a requirement. Sentivist provides the right combination of detection, prevention and management to protect my customers’ businesses.”

The Sentivist Real-Time Threat Protectionâ„? product set combines multiple security technologies to protect the enterprise. Its hybrid detection model uses customizable, stateful signatures, vulnerability signatures, protocol anomaly detection with accuracy supplements from OS and application fingerprinting. Rather than an all or nothing prevention deployment, Sentivist intrusion prevention with Confidence Indexing allows security managers to deploy intrusion prevention when and where it’s needed, with the level of prevention enforcement calibrated according to the business value of the asset being protected.

Going beyond standard intrusion prevention, NFR Security’s Sentivist Real-Time Threat Protection can dynamically shield the network against certain attacks. Dynamic Shielding Actions such as Dynamic Worm Mitigation utilizes statistical alert behavior to quarantine worms and thus creates secure network zones. Sentivist is IPS simplified with its plug and play Smart Sensors and scalable, centralized management that gives security managers the real-time information and tools to monitor, tune and address network security threats immediately.

Sentivist is a proven product and provides network security for businesses of all sizes. With more than 500 customers spanning Global 2000 companies, NFR Security has developed deep expertise in a number of industries. Among these market segments are entertainment, energy, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and government.

“Every organization has critical information that must be secured, whether it is sensitive customer data or detailed financial information,” said Andre Yee, president and CEO of NFR Security. “With our Sentivist intrusion prevention system, we are able to offer Florida Association of Realtors a critical component of the defense-in-depth strategy that combines accurate threat analysis and real-time protection.”

About Sentivist â„?

Enterprise security must address more than simply intrusions, it must protect against a broader scope of threats. NFR Security’s Sentivist combines inline intrusion prevention with best-in-class security management to provide real-time threat protection for the enterprise. Utilizing hybrid detection techniques, Sentivist protects against zero-day attacks and blended threats like worms and Trojans. With Sentivist, enterprise networks are protected through inline prevention, policy enforcement and dynamic shielding. Sentivist’s intrusion prevention with patent-pending Confidence Indexing allows security managers to link the business value of an asset with the level of prevention deployed to protect it. Sentivist simplifies IPS deployments with its plug and play Smart Sensors and Enterprise Console. The Sentivist Enterprise Console provides a scalable, centralized management platform for security managers to monitor and respond to network security threats in real-time.

About NFR Security, Inc.

NFR Security develops and markets the Sentivistâ„? line of Real-Time Threat Protectionâ„? products, including the most trusted, dynamic and easy-to-use enterprise intrusion prevention system (IPS) on the market today. NFR Security operates worldwide via an extensive network of channel partners and direct sales. Customers include Fortune 2000, utilities, pharmaceuticals, energy, telecommunications, financials and government agencies. The company is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. Additional information about NFR Security can be found at www.nfr.com or by calling 1-800-234-4079.

About the Florida Association of Realtors

The Florida Association of Realtors (FAR), the voice for real estate in Florida, provides programs, services, continuing education, research and legislative representation to more than 125,000 members in 70 boards/associations.

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