Metainfo Unveils SAFE DHCP as Stand-Alone Product

MetaInfo, a leader in network and Internet Protocol (IP) address management solutions that provide a secure IP foundation, has released SAFE DHCPâ„? as a stand-alone product.

MetaInfo’s SAFE DHCP quarantines all unknown systems until they can be confirmed and deemed safe to access the corporate network. It is the first IP services technology that protects against network access by unknown systems. Its architecture is also designed to prevent the release of viruses, worms, malicious code and non-compliance at the IP layer through integration with leading third-party security vendors.

“SAFE DHCP is an effective alternative for companies looking to secure network end-points without implementing 802.1X,” said Grant Asplund, CEO, MetaInfo.

MetaInfo’s SAFE DHCP supplies a non-privileged or “quarantined” IP address and checks the machine’s identity. Additional functionality can be achieved through the installation of a number of modules that provide even greater policy compliance and host integrity validation. MetaInfo has a growing number of modules providing integration with several industry leading security vendors including Check Point Software Technologies and Authenex Inc.

“DHCP servers were not originally designed with security in mind. They were intended to assign a TCP/IP address and host configuration information when a computer connects to the network, no questions asked,” added Asplund. “Ordinary DHCP doesn’t deter unauthorized or visiting users, with potentially infected or compromised computers, from connecting to and infecting the corporate network. SAFE DHCP provides that protection.”

SAFE DHCP was previously available only as a part of the MetaInfo Meta IP solution, which includes DNS, DHCP and IP management, and is licensed based on the number of IP addresses being managed. However, MetaInfo’s stand-alone SAFE DHCP has no IP limit.

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