Optenet, European Leader In Web Filtering And Anti-Spam Solutions, Goes All Out

The market for Internet security solutions is gaining ground every year. Companies all over the world now want to offer complete security services to Internet users. Customers are prepared to pay up to €50 a month for an Internet connection, but they are also coming to understand the hidden costs generated by surfing the web. A few good examples are viruses and spyware that slow down computers and damage data. Malicious code and spam can aggravate Internet users so much that they may even wonder if it’s worth subscribing to Internet Services.

So far companies have tended to offer their own products (e.g. antivirus). Although there is a noticeable trend towards combining solutions, only a few companies offer an all-in-one solution. This is why Optenet, a Spanish company that specializes in developing Ads-Free Browsing, anti-spam, anti-phishing and web filtering services has signed a partnership with Kaspersky Lab, a famous player at the antivirus market, in order to complement its product line.

Kaspersky Lab is an internationally recognized developer of secure content management solutions and an active member of AVIEN, the Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network. An international team of anti-virus experts provides a rapid response to emerging threats. Virus activity worldwide is monitored around the clock, and the virus laboratory releases updates to antivirus databases every hour, ensures a quick cure for new viruses. The Kaspersky antivirus engine also includes reliable anti-spyware functionality that is regularly updated.

Optenet is one of the most significant European players in web content filtering, with offices in San Sebasti??n, Madrid, Paris, Manchester, and Milan. The company has been actively expanding operations in the Americas in the last few years, opening offices in Miami and Mexico. Additionally, the company has developed anti-spam (a European IST Prize winner) and anti-phishing solutions and other services, to become one of the leading service providers for ISPs, governments, banks, companies, educational institutions and residential users. Optenet solutions and services optimize Internet use, while providing 24/7 support and daily updates.

Vitaly Bezrodnykh, Kaspersky Lab’s Business Development director, commented: “With the latest threats able to cross the globe in minutes, it is essential for service providers that handle high volumes of traffic utilize solutions equal to contemporary information security challenges: products with the fastest response times and the most frequent database updates. An Optenet all-in-one solution which incorporates antivirus and spyware protection enables ISPs to prevent business outages and subsequent financial losses.”

The partnership with Kaspersky Lab means that viruses and spyware will no longer be an issue when clients choose Optenet to provide secure content management solutions. Optenet believes that all users can benefit from services of the type that the company provides and that ISPs should continue offering them, but in a more complete way. Therefore, Optenet aims to provide ISPs with superior services powered by Kaspersky Lab solutions. Although other sectors such as governmental and educational institutions will be able to avail themselves of these benefits, Internet access is contracted through ISPs and they are undoubtedly key players in offering value-added services such as the ones provided by Optenet.

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