DigitalStakeout Acquires Atlanta-based ScannerX

ATLANTA – (April 4, 2005) – DigitalStakeout, a leading provider of vulnerability managements services, announced today it has completed the asset and technology acquisition of ScannerX, an Atlanta-based company best known for its pioneering online vulnerability scanning and assessment services, which allow network administrators to get a hacker’s perspective of their network. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Today’s move is poised to strengthen and broaden DigitalStakeout’s commitment to providing world-class vulnerability management services to the mid-market by incorporating DigitalStakeout’s existing web-based assessment service, ThreatPortal VMSTM , with ScannerX’s Nessus-based, open source vulnerability assessment scanning engine.

“This acquisition represents an important strategic move for DigitalStakeout,” said Mike Pearson, CEO of DigitalStakeout. “It is a classic example of the consolidation seen lately in the network security services industry. The security space continues to move away from point products to more dynamic solutions from vendors like DigitalStakeout.”

Pearson added, over the last year, there has been wide-spread prevalence of intrusion prevention technologies. He believes the root cause of all security problems is the fact that you have a system that is vulnerable, and even though you are deploying technology as stop-gap measures such as IPS technology — you are still not identifying and fixing the root cause. That belief is the methodology behind DigitalStakeout’s Vulnerability Management Service (Threat Portal VMS).

As a result of this acquisition, DigitalStakeout’s industry-leading services will allow companies with or without a dedicated security staff the ability to identify, prioritize and monitor new vulnerabilities, so that the staff can incorporate protection policies into their back-end processes and procedures. Unlike other vulnerability management providers, DigitalStakeout provides:

– Secured Siteâ„?Seal Program, this program guarantees your web site has been tested for the latest web application and Internet security vulnerabilities.
– DigitalStakeout Top 100, which monitors multiple intrusion detection sensors daily throughout the public Internet to identify the top 100 threats and correlate that data with the vulnerabilities for which to scan. DigitalStakeout also continues hosting, a free online security scanning service ScannerX created.
– Vulnerability Lifecycle Management Solutions combined with services, not as a stand-alone product.

About DigitalStakeout

Formed in 2004, DigitalStakeout is a leading managed security services company offering security audit and vulnerability management solutions to the underserved small to medium sized enterprises. DigitalStakeout’s flagship solution, ThreatPortal VMS, is designed to secure networks, conduct automated security audits, and ensure compliance. ThreatPortal VMS proactively and automatically identifies security vulnerabilities, correlates those threats to specific assets, and provides a workflow solution to track the vulnerability to closure.

The company’s management team is comprised of industry veterans with backgrounds at leading companies including Internet Security Systems, NetBank, Inc., and SecureWorks, Inc.

Privately held, DigitalStakeout is headquartered in Atlanta. For more information, visit the company’s website at or call Toll Free 1.877.714.1758.


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