Safe’n’Sec: The New Generation Of Computer Security Software Is Already There

April 4th, 2005 – StarForce Technologies, a leading expert in copy protection and information security, launches an update to its Safe’n’Sec, an intrusion prevention software that proactively protects a workstation against a wide range of existing and future risks. Version 1.1 introduces new features to enhance usability and the overall performance of the program. In order to faster increase the user base of this new version, StarForce Technologies announces special discount of 15% for all Safe’n’Sec 1.1 Plus Antivirus licenses purchased through until April 30th, 2005.

It is a recognized fact that traditional methods in computer protection fail to successfully cope with the rapid escalation of today’s security threats, as modern sophisticated attacks manage to circumvent network firewalls and conventional antivirus solutions. This dangerous trend has put forth a demand for the next generation of security products that would effectively protect the system against new and unidentified hazards along with those already mapped. Addressing the issue, earlier this year StarForce has presented Safe’n’Sec, an intelligent host-based IPS designed to form a critical part of a clever security strategy.

Unlike the antivirus and anti-spyware solutions relying on signature match procedures and thus limited to the attested malware, Safe’n’Sec monitors in real time all processes on a PC and immediately blocks any attempt to perform a potentially hazardous action, regardless of the type and origin of the attack. Thanks to its unique analysis and decision making algorithms, Safe’n’Sec is capable of detecting and stopping hackers’ attacks, viruses, trojans, spyware, adware and other types of malicious applications even in their “zero-day”, while allowing the legitimate programs to run without problem.

As StarForce Technologies’ CEO Michael Kalinichenko pointed out, “Notwithstanding the innovativeness and proved effectiveness of our approach, we believe that Intrusion Prevention Software does not eliminate the need for a good antiviral scanner and/or firewall. Additional security is something one never regrets.” Safe’n’Sec 1.1 Plus Antivirus package comes with the well respected BitDefender antiviral database to combine two complementary protection principles in one box – and now at a most attractive price. Safe’n’Sec 1.1 is also fully compatible with other antiviral toolkits and firewalls present on the market. The program runs in the background and employs so little system resources it is hardly noticeable at all.

Safe’n’Sec 1.1 is available for free trial download and on-line purchase through StarForce Technologies’ web site at at the RRPs of $ 25.00 (IPS only) and $ 29.75 (Plus AV version, after rebate). Enquiries from specialist distributors and VARs interested in reselling the shortly forthcoming corporate version are welcome.

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About StarForce Technologies:
StarForce Technologies is a leading provider of software protection solutions designed to fight piracy and assist software developers and publishers to effectively protect their intellectual property and safeguard their revenues. The company is well-known among industry professionals for its state of the art software-and-hardware-level encryption technologies. StarForce Technologies provides a broad range of high-quality and cost-effective protection and licensing solutions for business, educational, and entertainment applications.

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