SteelEye Launches Next Generation Linux High Availability Clustering Solution

Palo Alto, CA – 5th April 2005 – SteelEye Technology® Inc., the leading innovator in data and application availability management solutions for Linux and Windows, today announced the immediate availability of LifeKeeperâ„? for Linux® version 5, greatly expanding the environments which can benefit from LifeKeeper protection by adding support for IBM POWERâ„? processor platforms including eServer® OpenPowerâ„? systems, support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, integrated Software RAID and the introduction of LifeKeeper Extender.

“The availability of LifeKeeper on IBM OpenPower platforms helps our clients to achieve data and application protection against both planned and unplanned downtime while realizing the price and performance benefits of OpenPower,” said Brian Connors, vice president, Linux on POWER, IBM. “Enterprise deployments of Linux running business critical applications demand highly available environments with protection against all outage scenarios. The combination of the OpenPower platform with SteelEye’s LifeKeeper for Linux helps deliver the robust infrastructure needed for continuous availability of Linux business solutions.”

For companies migrating to Linux who are seeking the same levels of protection afforded by HA-CMP or for those making new deployments of Linux on POWER-based systems, LifeKeeper for Linux ensures continuous access to business critical applications and data. With the availability of protection agents for leading databases and applications, and clusters ranging from two to 32 nodes using fibre channel and NAS across both Novell SUSE and Red Hat distributions, there is a configuration to fit every business need.

LifeKeeper for Linux v5 also adds support for systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. Joint SteelEye/Red Hat customers can now take advantage of both the data and application protection provided by LifeKeeper and the advanced engineering and support available from RHEL4. SteelEye also continues to provide support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 and 9.

“SteelEye is pleased to have LifeKeeper for Linux available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and for the IBM POWER platform. Throughout the years SteelEye, a Red Hat Ready partner and an IBM Business Partner, has delivered data and application protection to hundreds of IBM/Red Hat/SteelEye customers,” said Bob Williamson, Vice President of Products, SteelEye. “The release of LifeKeeper for Linux version 5 extends our partnership and our joint focus on accelerating enterprise adoption of Linux.”

With integrated Software RAID protection, environments which take advantage of the Linux Multiple Device driver (md) to implement Software RAID – either between disks within a single server, across a LAN or across a SAN – can now place the data devices under LifeKeeper protection. For environments looking to implement disaster recovery by replicating between separate disk arrays on a campus-wide Fiber Channel SAN, LifeKeeper for Linux integration with Software RAID provides the ideal combination of application and data protection.

The new LifeKeeper Extender delivers the information and tools needed to quickly and easily place any application under LifeKeeper protection. Following the steps outlined and using the samples as guides, it is a simple process to extend LifeKeeper to protect all mission critical software within a company’s IT infrastructure.

SteelEye also announces the extension of the recently launched LifeKeeper Protected Program to include ISVs with applications on the OpenPower platform. For software providers who are looking to add high-availability options to their application offers, the LifeKeeper Protected Program provides all training, tools and support needed along with a certification program which can lead to applications carrying the respected LifeKeeper Protected logo. More information about the LifeKeeper Protected Program is available at

About SteelEye Technology, Inc.
SteelEye is a leading provider of data and application availability management solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery.

The SteelEye LifeKeeper family of application-focused data replication, high availability clustering and disaster recovery solutions are easy to deploy and operate, and enable enterprises of all sizes to ensure continuous availability of business-critical applications, servers and data.

To complement its software solutions, SteelEye also provides a full range of high availability consulting and professional services to assist organizations with the assessment, design and implementation of solutions for ensuring High Availability within their environments.


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