PC Tools Fights Identity Theft And Spyware With The Release Of Spyware Doctor 3.2

SYDNEY, Australia, April 11th, 2005 – PC Tools, creator of the award-winning spyware removal and real-time protection software that detects and removes thousands of potential spyware threats, today announced the release of Spyware Doctor 3.2 with ground breaking Keylogger Guard technology that protects users from identity thieves. This announcement supports the company’s ongoing commitment to providing the most updated privacy and security tools to Windows platform users.

Keyloggers lurk on computers and capture users’ keystrokes while they enter personal information such as passwords and account numbers on financial and other secure Web sites. Existing solutions can allow keylogger threats to run undetected for weeks or months by which time the damage is already done. Spyware Doctor 3.2’s Keylogger Guard detects and removes keylogger threats in real-time before they are able to steal personal information.

Spyware Doctor 3.2’s Keylogger Guard detects active threats based on behaviour rather than signatures. Relying on signatures to block keylogger threats allows custom-made or newly released keyloggers to penetrate any system instantaneously. Keylogger Guard detects the behaviour immediately, blocking keyloggers from installing on the user’s system and protecting customers right away, not weeks or months too late.

“The spyware threat is changing more rapidly than any threat to computer and online security in history. This is why it is critical that PC Tools invests heavily in cutting edge research and development to ensure our customers are one step ahead of the bad guys,” said Simon Clausen, CEO, PC Tools, “For example, we have a dedicated team of malware researchers that are constantly analysing the latest threats so that we can send daily updates to our customers.”

Spyware Doctor 3.2 has added several additional tools to help customers easily find and remove spyware. Specific features include:

· Keylogger Guard – protects passwords and private information from being stolen by blocking the installation of known key loggers

· Startup Guard – a tool that monitors and removes new malicious files that try to run automatically on the system at startup

· Process Guard – prevents malicious programs from running on the computer while it’s in use · Multi-browser Cookie Guard – enables extended support for monitoring cookies through popular browsers such as Mozilla-Firefox, and Netscape, among other browsers previously supported

· More than 20,000 “intelli-signaturesTM” – smart signatures that can detect many threat variants when scanning for threats

· Developments to non-signature and behavioural based detections

A trial version of Spyware Doctor 3.2 can be downloaded at www.pctools.com and is also available for purchase at $29.95 per computer install, including free support and live updates for a year.


PC Toolsâ„? is a global leader in innovative software products to protect the privacy and security of Windows computer users. PC Tools publishes software and provides technical resources for securing, protecting and maintaining the Windows operating system. More information about PC Toolsâ„? can be found at www.pctools.com.

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