Version3, Inc. Announces Complete Enterprise and Web Single Sign-On Solution Suite for Active Directory Environments

Columbia, SC April 7th, 2005 Version3, Inc., ( developer of Version3 Simple Sign-On, today announced the availability of Version3 Simple Sign-On v2.0 Solution Suite the most comprehensive enterprise single sign-on solution suite on the market today.

Integrated with Microsoft Active Directory??, Simple Sign-On is an identity management solution based on Microsoft Active Directory®, which gives users seamless and secure access to run their Windows and SharePoint-based applications without compromising security. At its core, Simple Sign-On is an Identity Management element that frees users from remembering user names and passwords for multiple applications, web sites, and legacy systems. Simple Sign-On can be configured to give users secure access to all required line of business applications using one set of network security credentials.

Simple Sign-On delivers Enterprise (Desktop) and WEB single sign-on (WEB Portal SSO), Web Integration, Browser based ESSO, Simple Sign-On is tightly integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, leveraging an existing network infrastructure to provide a rich feature set of Application Management tools. Users simply supply logon credentials to the network using their Microsoft Active Directory identity and access to applications is provided by shortcuts published to the users desktop.

“Our new Simple Sign-On 2.0 platform applications are designed to help companies increase security, cut costs and improve efficiency through our application access management suite,” said Andy Sakalian, President of Version3, Inc. “We’ve designed a full single sign-on product suite with a very rich feature set and unparalleled integration with Microsoft Active Directory.”

Version3 Simple Sign-On Editions:

Enterprise SSO
” Enterprise/Desktop Single Sign-On
” Connection Management
” Application Publishing
” Multifactor Authentication
” Kiosk Support
” Application Auditing and Monitoring

” Browser based ESSO
” Compatible for simultaneous Internet and intranet access
” Includes complete complement of SharePoint interfaces and web parts

Enhanced Authentication
” Mutual Authentication for IIS Server farms
” Support for non-Windows platforms
” Supports all current shipments of Microsoft platform products (ie.. Exchange-OWA, SharePoint, Class Server
” Built-in support for Active Directory Authorization Manager

Version3’s Simple Sign-On solves password management problems by providing

single sign-on for Microsoft® Windows® and SharePoint Products and

Technologies with Active Directory. This type of application access management

allows the user to sign into their network or portal once and get access to all

their applications. Administrators need only create one identity access for each user

and manage authentication through Active Directory to authorize access to the

user’s applications.

“Our goal is to extend Simple Sign-On 2.0 across all applications through Microsoft Active Directory. The enhanced security and administration advantages allows seamless, secure activation of any application accessible via the windows desktop,” said Sakalian.

Pricing, Availability and Requirements

The upgrade to Version3 Simple Sign-On v2.0 is free to all existing customers who are under a maintenance plan. New users can purchase Version3 Simple Sign-On v2.0 on a per user basis or contact Version3 for enterprise pricing. The product is available through authorized dealers and Version3.

About Version3

Version3, Inc., based in Columbia, South Carolina, provides a comprehensive security and application access management product for the identity management industry. Founded in 2002, Version3 develops Version3 Simple Sign-On which delivers Desktop and Enterprise SSO, Web Integration, Browser based ESSO.

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