DeepNines Protects Against New Cisco IOS Vulnerability with Router Security Offering

DALLAS — April. 12, 2005 — On Friday, April 8, Cisco Systems, Inc. announced that hackers found five more security vulnerabilities in its Internetworking Operating System (IOS). However, customers of DeepNines Technologies, the only technology vendor to provide comprehensive router security, do not have to worry about the latest in a long line of recent vulnerabilities from Cisco.

The networking giant’s five latest security holes in its popular IOS software, one that involves IPSec VPNs and four that attackers could exploit to launch a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, cannot be exploited if organizations have deployed DeepNines’ Security Edge Platformâ„? (SEP). This and other Cisco IOS router vulnerabilities are pro-actively prevented by the DeepNines SEP, a converged security solution that resides invisibly in front of the router. Through its patent-pending Zero Footprint Technologyâ„?, the SEP has the ability to sit invisibly in the network, with no IP or MAC address, making it inaccessible to hackers. This unique and comprehensive platform is the only router security solution on the market today that has firewall, IPS, anomaly detection, heuristics and best-of-breed signature technologies converged into a single appliance in front of the router.

“For us, this is yet another validation of what we’ve been evangelizing for years,” said Dan Jackson, president and COO of DeepNines. “We knew five years ago that routers were obvious targets for hackers and that it didn’t make sense to put network security behind them. By developing and implementing a converged security platform in front of the router, we are able to act as the first line of defense for any network and provide the necessary layer of router security.”

DeepNines can help organizations of any size protect their critical networking and security investments by adding a layer of security at the network edge, in front of the router. The SEP seamlessly integrates with existing firewalls, intrusion detection systems and other protective network devices, which do not have to be discarded, but will be complemented by DeepNines’ router security offering.
About Deep Nines Inc.

DeepNines offers a scalable security platform for Global 2000 companies with a vertical market focus in education, government, telecommunications, energy and financial services. The DeepNines Security Edge Platformâ„? integrates intelligent firewall, intrusion prevention, best of breed secure content management functionality, forensics and reporting that operates outside the network infrastructure, improving organizations’ security “deep into the nines.” DeepNines’ Security Edge Platform, the company’s patent-pending security system, is a fully automated intrusion prevention and traffic management system and serves as the single, centralized network security system for an entire organization. The Security Edge Platform runs on Solaris and Linux platforms from Sun Microsystems. To learn more about Deep Nines visit

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