Application Security, Inc. Executives to Address the Criticality of Database Security at Key Industry Events

NEW YORK April 20, 2005 In the past three months alone, a torrent of high profile security breaches at enterprises and universities have compromised more than half a billion personal records exposing them to potential fraud. Amidst this backdrop, Application Security, Inc. ( today announced its executives will participate in seven industry- and user-oriented conferences over the next month to underscore the criticality of database-specific security as part of a defense-in-depth strategy.

AppSecInc executives will also highlight three technologies that comprise the “Triple Threat” for comprehensive database security — vulnerability assessment, real-time IDS/auditing and encryption embodied in its product portfolio. AppSecInc is the leading provider of proactive security solutions for corporate and government applications.

“Long thought to be insulated within the confines of the enterprise, the “crown jewels’ within corporate databases have, until now, been overlooked,” said Ted Julian, VP of Marketing, AppSecInc. “However, data sharing with partners and customers, increasing regulatory pressures and the continued cadence of breaches have exposed how soft a target databases are, highlighting the urgent need to address this gap. AppSecInc has taken a leadership position in helping organizations effectively address points of exposure from software vulnerabilities to poor business oversight and we look forward to sharing the best practices we’ve derived with our customers at these events.”

With Visa as an investor/strategic partner and one of its 300+ customers worldwide, AppSecInc is the market share leader in the rapidly growing sector of database security. Led by a team with unmatched database security expertise, company executives have previously founded security industry forerunners including DbSecure (acquired by Internet Security Systems), @Stake (acquired by Symantec), Raptor (now part of Symantec) and Arbor Networks. Notably, AppSecInc Co-founder Aaron Newman is the world’s foremost database security expert and co-author of the Oracle Security Handbook.

Events in which AppSecInc will participate include:

· MySQL Users Conference 2005 (April 19-20, 2005, Santa Clara, CA) Booth #38
Initially launched in 2003, the MySQL Users Conference provides opportunities for software developers and IT managers to get a detailed understanding of MySQL’s software through technology sessions, hands-on tutorials, workshops and face-to-face interaction with innovators and colleagues in the MySQL community, including developers, partners, customers and business prospects from around the world. MySQL Users Conference attendees can learn from many of the top database, open source and technology industry experts who convene for this annual event. For more information, visit

· SecureWorld Expo (April 20-21, 2005, Philadelphia, PA) Booth #307
SecureWorld Expo is a regional conference formed to promote the ideals of fostering communication between security professionals and technology leaders, to discuss best practices and to bind that body of thought in a public/private partnership with government. Themes examined at this year’s SecureWorld Expo include IT security, securing our digital world; securing our regional sphere, a public/private partnership; convergence of physical and digital security; and security management within the corporation, our changing roles. For more information, visit

· Secure IT 2005 Conference (April 20, 2005, San Diego, CA)
The Secure IT 2005 conference will focus on key issues related to information and network security including identity theft, corporate espionage, data pirating, cyber terrorism, and security information breaches. Ted Julian, VP of Marketing, will present a session titled “Securing Your Most Critical Asset: Data – Integrity & Compliance.” For more information, visit

· Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS)
Worldwide Conference (April 24-28, 2005, Philadelphia, PA) The Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference is an annual event sponsored by the Office of the CIO within the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). This annual conference has grown in size and complexity over the past 10 years and now attracts as many as 900 attendees including government, military, and contractor personnel. Ted Julian, VP of Marketing, will present a session titled “Protecting Government Data.” For more information, visit

· ISACA North America CACS 2005 (April 26-27, 2005, Las Vegas, NV) Booth #125
ISACA’s North America CACS 2005 is a world-class conference and exhibition that attracts more than 700 information professionals who want to keep current on the technologies that affect IS audit, control and security practices. In its 35th year, this intensive four-day technical conference covers the topics and presents solutions for the issues that IS professionals face each day. For more information, visit

· IOUG Live! 2005 (May 2-4, 2005, Orlando, FL) Booth #504
IOUG Live! is the premier four-day educational event for Oracle users by Oracle users. Dedicated to delivering the technical knowledge that users rely upon, IOUG Live! attracts around 2,000 Oracle database administrators, developers, managers and industry professionals who need to manage their company’s data better and faster converting it into information that becomes a real competitive advantage to help them stay on top of their field. Aaron Newman, CTO and founder will present two sessions titled “Intrusion Detection and Security Auditing for Databases” and “Anatomy of a Database Attack.” For more information, visit

· Networld+Interop 2005 (May 2-5, 2005, Las Vegas, NV) Booth #1109
Through in-depth educational programs, workshops, real-world demonstrations and live technology implementations in its unique eNet and iLabs programs, NetWorld+Interop provides the industry’s only platform for collaboration, communication and commerce for the end-to-end network. For more information, visit

Members of the media and market research communities interested in meeting with company executives at any of these events are invited to contact Rebecca Knowles (, 781-276-4508) or Christine Atkinson at CHEN PR (, 781-466-8282, ext. 39).

About Application Security, Inc.
AppSecInc is the leading provider of application security solutions for the enterprise. AppSecInc’s products the industry’s only complete vulnerability management solution for the application tier proactively secure enterprise applications at more than 300 organizations around the world. By securing data at its source, we enable organizations to more confidently extend their business with customers, partners and suppliers while meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Our security experts, combined with our strong support team, deliver up-to-date application safeguards that minimize risk and eliminate its impact on business. Please contact us at 1-866-927-7732 to learn more, or visit us on the web at

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