MicroWorld Technologies Inc. Launces VIEWTCP

April 2005, Michigan: MicroWorld Technologies Inc. has recently launched a free utility VIEWTCP to provide detailed listings of other computers who are connected to the user’s computer (TCP and UDP Endpoints), along with associated processes.

VIEWTCP is a network monitoring tool that examines TCP/IP activity on user’s Windows-based system. This free utility lists all TCP and UDP endpoints on a user’s PC, including the remote address (along with Domain name of the remote address) and state of TCP connections. With this utility, users can also determine which process has binded on to various ports on your PC and the remote network addresses suspicious applications are accessing.

VIEWTCP, in addition to the above, details the process, which is associated with which TCP/IP address and port. The process name feature simplifies the task of determining what application is responsible for specific connections and activity. Along with the process name, the responsibility of the process and its developers are also given.

Most worms today act like mail, proxy and spam relays, thereby illegally using a user’s system for sending out spams or by acting like hidden proxies. The same could also be used by spyware to steal information from the user’s machine and sending it to remote users. VIEWTCP shows all the processes running on a user’s system and also the communications that these processes have with external entities.

VIEWTCP monitors TCP/IP network activity on Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000/XP and Windows 2003 systems. Users can download this free utility from http://mwti.net/antivirus/viewtcp.asp.

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