Intellitactics Releases Intellitactics Security Reporter; Lowers Cost of Compliance with Automated Reporting

Reston, Va., April 27, 2005—Intellitactics launched Intellitactics Security Reporter to address the immediate needs of all types of companies and federal agencies overwhelmed with manual log review and reporting to satisfy audit requirements. Security Reporter is an automated reporting application that provides an essential tool for responding to compliance or internal audits. Security Reporter, the first of several modular applications in the Intellitactics Security Manager suite of products, also provides short-term value to IT security teams with the ultimate goal of implementing a comprehensive security management solution.

“Intellitactics Security Reporter is a good first step for companies looking to simplify the task of managing distributed, diverse security environments,” explained Michael Guiterman, the Intellitactics Product Manager. “Security Reporter’s log viewing and reporting capabilities provide informational control over the large volumes of event data from any number of network perimeter devices, applications, operating systems, and databases. This module enables an organization to take a stepped approach to buying and implementing a complete enterprise security management solution and is designed to meet entry level budgets. These companies can easily add functionality for automated threat management and incident management over time.”

“Satisfying regulatory compliance and other audit requirements is all about establishing and validating control,” states Scott Crawford, senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates. “Organizations must demonstrate compliance with industry-specific regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, FISMA and Basel II. Audits often require effective log monitoring as a metric to demonstrate compliance. Due to the complexity of enterprise security, organizations are overwhelmed with log data, leaving IT and internal audit departments under enormous pressure to prove effectiveness of security controls. Automated reporting provides the necessary transparency throughout the organization, while clearly and concisely communicating relevant security events to operations and compliance teams.”

Security Reporter empowers IT information security teams to verify and validate that internal controls – implemented to enforce policy and reduce risk – are functioning as intended. Security Reporter automates the log aggregation and reporting process, and presents data in numerous textual and graphical reports. Reports include summarized detail on any number of critical data sources, and provide the ability to drill-down to original events. Reports are available on-demand or can be scheduled and automatically sent by email to a recipient’s desktop. The end result is an improved ability to satisfy regulatory requirements while dramatically reducing the costs associated with manually performing log review, analysis and reporting.

Product Features

Clear, concise reports – includes over 100 summary and detail reports presented in both graphical and tabular formats, including CSV, Excel, and PDF

Pre-packaged reports and optimized report tables – efficiently report on security events, asset and vulnerability information, device status, and Security Manager activity and audit information

Automated report generation and distribution – deliver reports on a pre-defined schedule to relevant administrators, managers, or auditors

Drill down capability – provides navigation from summary reporting to raw event logs for additional detail

Log viewing – enables users to browse and filter raw log information when investigation is required

“The volume of log and event data makes proactive log monitoring and reporting difficult, inefficient, and costly,” explains Ron Hardy, vice president of product management at Intellitactics. “At five minutes per server, for example, performing a log review on just over 100 servers would require that one full-time employee be dedicated solely to reviewing logs. Plus, external firewalls and network intrusion devices can generate events at rates of over 100 million per day. Manually sifting through logs and compiling intelligible reports has a negative impact on productivity and distracts IT and security staff from business critical projects. Security Reporter offers a sustainable and reliable way to verify controls with minimal human intervention. It illuminates the underlying events that drive the report data and exposes policy violation that could create punitive consequences, such as fines and loss of corporate good will.”

Usage-based Pricing

Security Reporter is priced on a value-based, per-capacity pricing model that realistically maps to usage. Pricing for Security Reporter begins at $75K, with annual maintenance at 15% of cost. The modular packaging combined with the new pricing model makes it easier for security management buyers to select Intellitactics, and implement all Intellitactics’ security management solutions as needed and within budget.

Foundation Services

Security Reporter runs on the industry standard operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is built on Intellitactics’ Foundation Services architecture, which provides unparalleled performance and capacity for ultimate scalability. Foundation Services is the same fifth-generation technology that powers Intellitactics’ threat and incident management deployed in Fortune 2000 companies around the world. This shared architecture enables users to add the capability for threat management or incident response as security requirements change. The Foundation Services architecture provides:

Extensible data collection – agent-free data acquisition maximizes acquisition rates while eliminating software distribution costs and problems, encrypts native event data, and offers alternatives to protecting data during transmission

Security taxonomy – sophisticated classification of event types transforms unintelligible events into meaningful event descriptions

Security Data Warehouse – multi-dimensional data store manages log files and uses an optimized industry standard RDBMS for report generation, delivering both functionality and cost savings supported by non-proprietary enterprise class technologies

About Intellitactics, Inc.

Intellitactics, provider of the premier Security Information Management solution for the largest, most challenging environments in the world, was founded in 1996. Its industry-leading Intellitactics Security Manager enables security teams to rapidly and comprehensively identify information security incidents, deploy resources on threats that pose the greatest risk to the business, assess and resolve those incidents providing the security team productivity and capability to affordably scale security coverage enterprise-wide. Intellitactics is the enterprise security management software of choice for the world’s leading companies, government organizations and managed security service providers. Intellitactics is backed by JMI Equity Fund LP and Lazard Technology Partners. (

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