Infosecurity Europe 2005 – ZyXEL Launches the First Stand-alone Single User Firewall

The ZyWALL P1 is the first portable, single-user personal firewall device designed to enable remote workers to connect to any corporate VPN securely, without the need for VPN client software.

The device is easy to deploy and maintain, acting as a networking bridge and requires no network configuration. The appliance incorporates ICSA-certified SPI firewall technology which only allows PC ports to be opened for authorised network traffic and automatically blocks common network intrusion. Other security features include advanced DoS/DDoS intrusion detection, network outbreak prevention and Security Policy Enforcement.

Comparing with software-based applications, the ZyWALL P1 is a truly plug-and-play, hardware-based personal security device. It avoids software installation complexity by benefiting more from ease-of-trouble shooting and management effort. A familiar web browser interface and setup wizard makes installation and configuration easy.

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