JANUS’ BIO*GATE Product And Novell Technology Are Combined To Offer A Comprehensive Biometric Credentialing Solution

Stamford, CT – April 19, 2005 – JANUS Associates, Inc., a leading provider of information security services and software solutions, today announced the availability of BIO*GATE for the Novell NMASâ„? Login Method, an enhanced version of the company’s biometric security solution for access to Microsoft Windows?. BIO*GATE enables enterprises to improve security and ease network administration by augmenting text-based passwords with a variety of biometric authentication methods, such as fingerprint, voice, iris, and facial recognition.

BIO*GATE for Novell NMAS combines biometrics with Novell functionality, allowing enterprises to implement improved security while improving user convenience. “Many firms realize the need to reduce the vulnerability of passwords,” said Patricia A.P. Fisher, President of JANUS, “We’ve developed a seamless solution for organizations utilizing Novell with BIO*GATE’s biometric authentication capability. Enterprises now can combine biometrics with Novell, facilitating end-user access, and further strengthening security.”

BIO*GATE is an authentication framework that allows businesses the ability to use a variety of disparate biometric methods, depending upon needs, while integrating and managing them centrally along with existing security policies. All aspects of BIO*GATE are flexible which allows for rapid return on investment and long life.

The independent International Biometrics Group in New York City forecasts biometrics as a rapidly growing industry. Several federal agencies have established mandates to use biometrics, while the commercial sector is using biometrics to fortify authentication of information security and satisfy regulatory compliance.

BIO*GATE has been implemented at the Department of Defense, US Naval Academy and Boston University, among others.

In a recent comment, the analyst firm Robert Francis Group, stated, “We believe that JANUS is well positioned to become a “trusted advisor’ in areas related to enterprise biometric security, and the integration of physical and electronic security initiatives.”

For more information on BIO*GATE and JANUS, please visit JANUSAssociates.com.

About JANUS Associates, Inc.

JANUS Associates, Inc. provides a full range of information and telecommunications security solutions including risk analysis, disaster recovery planning, computer forensics, fraud investigations, information management strategies, advanced authentication software and ongoing contractual services.

Solving client problems since 1988, JANUS has one of the longest tenures of any independent IT security firm in the country. JANUS was offering information security services many years before 9/11, the Internet, hacking, spam and, most recently, the advent of wireless technology.

As a full-service IT security firm, JANUS has strong credentials with both federal and state governments, in addition to a variety of major corporations, including many in the Fortune 500.

They have offices in Stamford, Boston, Washington, DC, and Baltimore.

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