Application Security, Inc. Goes to the Front of the Class at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies

NEW YORK – May 9, 2005 – Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc) today announced that Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies senior instructor David Dischiave is showcasing AppSecInc’s comprehensive product suite – AppDetective, a network-based vulnerability assessment scanner, AppRadar, a database intrusion detection and auditing tool, and DbEncrypt, a column-level encryption tool – during an intensive graduate-level course on database security. The course provides IT professionals with the most advanced tools, techniques and best practices for securing organizations’ databases and the highly sensitive information contained by them.

Database intrusions have reached near-epidemic proportions – so far in 2005, breaches across a range of corporate, government and educational institutions have affected more than 1,000,000 consumers. This represents a drastic leap from just the year prior and there are no signs that the risks are subsiding.

Mr. Dischiave is a 30-year technology veteran who has held roles in the corporate world, as an educator, and as an independent consultant. He has extensive experience in navigating changes in the information security landscape. According to the professor, “Many managers still believe their organizations’ networks, and thus critical data, are effectively secured by implementing firewalls and stringent OS access controls. What they’re failing to recognize is that smarter intruders and increasingly complex enterprises have rendered existing defenses obsolete. This course is designed to dispel that myth, and provide IT professionals with the most current knowledge and tools in database security. Application Security, Inc.’s three-pronged approach to database security was a natural fit for this course.”

“Today’s attackers are more sophisticated and focused than ever before. Rather than compromising whatever systems might happen to be accessible, they are directly targeting the databases where valuable data is stored,” said Ted Julian, VP Marketing, AppSecInc. “The students in Professor Dischiave’s class are receiving an incredibly valuable perspective. We’re honored that our products have been chosen to represent the next generation in information security.”

AppSecInc is the leading provider of proactive security solutions for corporate and government applications. Delivering the industry’s only complete vulnerability management solution for the application tier, AppSecInc’s product portfolio includes:

– AppDetective – the most widely deployed, network-based vulnerability assessment scanner that discovers, assesses and protects database applications
– AppRadar – the industry’s only real-time database intrusion detection and auditing solution that combines the most extensive set of application-specific protections with highly granular and easily customized real-time monitoring, and delivers best-practices security, which can be easily tuned to address unique security and regulatory requirements
– DbEncrypt – one of the most comprehensive encryption tools that transparently encrypts the most sensitive data at the column level on production databases
– AppSecIncConsole – a Web-based application security management console that provides role-based access and easy scaling of AppDetective and AppRadar deployments throughout an enterprise, with no impact on business operations

With Visa as an investor, strategic partner and one of its 300+ customers worldwide, AppSecInc is the market share leader in the rapidly growing sector of database security.

About Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies
The School of Information Studies is The Original Information School ®. It is a leading center for innovative programs in information policy, information behavior, information management, information systems, information technology and information services. The nationally ranked school (U.S. News and World Report) has professional degree programs at the undergraduate and master’s levels and a research degree at the doctoral level. The school offers its master’s programs in campus and distance learning formats.

About Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc)
AppSecInc is the leading provider of application security solutions for the enterprise. AppSecInc’s products – the industry’s only complete vulnerability management solution for the application tier – proactively secure enterprise applications at more than 300 organizations around the world. By securing data at its source, we enable organizations to more confidently extend their business with customers, partners and suppliers while meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Our security experts, combined with our strong support team, deliver up-to-date application safeguards that minimize risk and eliminate its impact on business. Please contact us at 1-866-927-7732 to learn more, or visit us on the web at

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