BLOXX Delivers Free Anti-Spyware and Web Virus Protection

BLOXX®, the leading provider of enterprise-class web filtering appliance solutions, announced today the immediate availability of an upgrade for its entire BLOXX® web filtering product line.

The BLOXX® Family is an integrated hardware and software product line that provides businesses with an enterprise-class web, spyware & virus protection that is easy to use and affordable. BLOXX® is delivering automatic firmware updates to all existing customers within existing maintenance arrangements. V3.1.1 enhances security and performance as well as provides additional web filtering features.

“We recognise that spyware & virus techniques are constantly evolving and we are committed to making sure our product line is continuously up-to-date on the latest defence methods” said Eamonn Doyle, MD of BLOXX®. With this new release, we are able to seamlessly integrate anti-Spyware & virus blocking techniques into our appliances without disrupting our customers Internet service.

These changes are in addition to recently made available enhancements to its proprietary BLOXX® web scanning system, which makes it possible for all BLOXX® appliances to actually block inappropriate web sites reaching user desktops – even though the site has never actually been previously identified. This improvement was deployed automatically to current BLOXX® customers at no additional charge and presents “the single greatest advancement in web filtering” according to Doyle. “For the first time we can protect users – but especially kids at school for example – from the deluge of new and re-named offensive sites that are launched every week. The reliance of a web address database used by most of our competitors is out of date, ineffective, over rated and over priced” Doyle said.

About the BLOXX® web filtering appliances

BLOXX® is a range of network appliances which manage Internet use within the workplace. The BLOXX® appliance is available in five models and supports from 50 to 50,000 users with no per user licensing fees. High availability and load balanced solutions are available. BLOXX® appliances can be installed behind the firewall in typically less than five minutes. Week day, daily updates and management reporting can be configured for automatic systems management and to block new forms of spyware & viruses.

Bloxx® has a “no nonsense” approach to filtering by providing as standard, advanced 3 stage filtering unlike traditional corporate products which depend solely on an url database and which Bloxx® believes to be less than wholly adequate in protecting users from inappropriate material on the internet. Clients include local government, NHS, Education, etc as well as major corporate clients. For more information please look at or call 08700 4 BLOXX (+44 8700 425699)

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