Forum Systems Introduces XWall Web Services Firewall for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Orlando, FL, Microsoft TechEd Conference — June 7, 2005 — Forum Systems, the leader in Web Services Security for threat protection and trust management, announced the availability of Forum XWallâ„? for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. This new version of Forum’s popular Web services firewall combines SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) protocol support and XML Antivirus (XAVâ„?) scanning to protect business traffic that is routed through the Exchange Server 2003. With Forum XWall deployed in front of the Exchange Server 2003 enterprises can now filter email that is written in XML against new forms of malware as well as emails sent with attachments in the XML and SOAP formats that can carry today’s common viruses and macros. More businesses use Exchange Server for e-mail-based collaboration than any other product. Enterprises are looking at their Exchange Server messaging infrastructure to support the growing demand to reliably exchange XML business traffic.

Forum XWall Web Services Firewall is already available for Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 with SMTP and XAV.

“Our customers have found value in the range of security solutions that our industry partners have worked to provide them,” said Steve Brown, director of product management, Security Business & Technology Unit, Microsoft Corp. “With Forum XWall with SMTP and XML Antivirus support, Forum Systems offers an innovative security solution for message-oriented Web services that allows customers more options in developing security best practices for optimum performance. We are pleased to be working with Forum on service-oriented architecture security.”

Many office applications such as Microsoft Office 2003 are using XML as a standard data format to ease the sharing of information. Just like instant messaging before it, XML is now the new carrier of today’s mass viruses, worms and unwanted programs. Malicious software can enter the corporate network through documents and macros that are sent as email attachments using the XML data format, spreading undetected by today’s firewalls and antivirus products.

Forum XWall for Exchange Server 2003 parses XML encrypted data, applies XML intrusion prevention policies and explicitly scans binary attachments for malicious software such as viruses, worms and unwanted programs as well as for new forms of Web-services related malware that can degrade and damage mission-critical infrastructure and business processes. Forum XAV relies on the Computer Associate’s award-winning eTrust?” Antivirus software and eTrust Security Advisor antivirus signature delivery service, bringing industrial-strength antivirus protection to Microsoft ISA Server and now Exchange Server 2003.

Forum XWall for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is available June 7, 2005 for $2500 per CPU with additional subscription fees for antivirus updates.

About Forum Systems

Trustworthy, ubiquitous and robust Web services can only be achieved by combining security controls that are proactive, always on and systematic. Forum Seamless Security Solutions Architecture (Forum S3Aâ„?) is an adaptive approach to building security minded service-oriented applications and data-level networks using life-cycle solutions including vulnerability management, testing systems, firewalls and gateways. Forum products are available as software, PCI-card and appliance options and comply with government requirements including FIPS Certification, Common Criteria EAL 4+ and JITC DoD PKI Certification. Forum Systems is an active a member of OASIS and WS-I helping mature standards such as WS-I Basic Profiles, SAML and WS-Security. Customers can immediately benefit from Forum technology that is available with market-leading products including Microsoft ISA Server 2004, NetContinuum NC-1000 WSE, Network Engines NS6300X, and Oblix COREid and COREsv. For more information on adaptive solutions for Web services security visit

Forum Systems, Inc. is the Leader in Web Services Securityâ„? with a comprehensive suite of trust management, threat protection and information assurance solutions for the automated Web. Forum Systems’ flexible hardware, software and embedded products make vibrant business communications possible by actively protecting XML data and Web services across networks and business boundaries. Forum’s products have been chosen by over 80 Fortune 1000 industry leaders and are winners of Network Computing Magazine’s Well-Connected 2004 Award and Product of the Year 2004 Award, Network Computing Magazine’s Editor’s Choice 2003 Award, Network Magazine’s Product of the Year 2003 Award and DEMO 2004 Invitation. Forum XWall Web Services Firewall is the industry’s only XML Firewall selected by InfoWorld LEADERBOARD 2004. Visit Forum at

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