Tablus Announces Industry’s First Comprehensive Solution for Preventing Confidentiality Breaches at Critical Enterprise Exit Points

San Mateo, CA June 6, 2005 Tablus Inc., a leading provider of content protection solutions, today changed the dynamics of the content monitoring industry with the announcement of the first comprehensive solution that allows visibility into and prevention of confidentiality breaches at all enterprise exit points.

Although the insider threat is the leading cause of security breaches, companies lacked a comprehensive way to easily manage and reduce these threats from within their organizations – until now. Tablus is the first company to offer a comprehensive platform that blocks the disclosure of confidential information across network boundaries and on desktops, which is critical to truly address the risk of losing sensitive information. Tablus is also the only company that protects and analyzes all data types – including structured data (found in databases), unstructured data (found in word processing or spreadsheet programs) and managed unstructured data (such as source code) – to create a complete end-to-end preventive solution that helps organizations protect digital assets, avoid compliance liability, and preserve competitive advantage, brand equity and reputation.

Existing content monitoring solutions give companies a false sense of security because they offer visibility into only a few exit points, leaving the company vulnerable to loss of sensitive information through unprotected channels. Tablus has solved this problem by starting with its own patent-pending technology for protecting against the loss of data through the network, adding desktop protection capabilities through its acquisition of Indigo Security earlier this year, then enhancing and integrating both solutions to provide superior accuracy and to prevent virtually all types of data loss.

“Insider threats are reaching critical levels,” said Brian Burke, research manager, IDC Security Products. “IDC’s 2004 Security Survey found that 31 percent of organizations fired employees or contractors for internal security violations. To combat insider threats, solutions should protect both the network and the desktop and Tablus addresses the whole issue.”

“Real prevention is about more than simply blocking an email containing a customer list from leaving the network – it’s also about making sure it cannot be copied or printed out at the desktop,” said Jim Pante, CEO of Tablus. “Until companies have a way to prevent the loss of all types of sensitive information, as well as protect all potential exit points within the corporate infrastructure, they are going to continue placing themselves at risk. Only Tablus offers a comprehensive, integrated, and easy-to-manage solution that ‘locks both the front and back doors’ to ensure confidential information stays that way.”

Tablus’ content protection platform is based on two best-of-breed components. Content Alarm NW 2.0 prevents information loss across the network boundary, while Content Alarm DT 2.0 prevents breaches at the desktop. The integrated solution allows business users, not just IT specialists, to set policies enforced across multiple channels and protect information no matter where it resides.

Prevention is the Cure – Content Alarm NW 2.0

Based on Tablus’ patent-pending technology, Content Alarm NW offers the most complete solution to prevent confidential information from crossing the network boundary. With advanced features such as real-time analysis at gigabit speed, linguistic analysis for all data types, and Google-like crawler technology to create digital fingerprints of data, Content Alarm NW offers unprecedented accuracy and flexibility. Key features include:

– Scalable Architecture: With its scalable, distributed architecture, Content Alarm NW is perfect for the geographically dispersed enterprise. Content Alarm NW can be managed from a central location while sensors monitor network traffic, classify information and protect sites around the world.

– Content Analysis: Tablus has super-charged its Content Analysis Engine by adding analyzers for both structured and managed unstructured data to the existing analyzers for unstructured data. This makes Tablus the only company that can ensure accuracy in protecting all types of information – from source code to pending announcements to privacy-related data such as customer information and patient records. This protection is required for compliance with California SB 1386 and AB 1950, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley and other privacy regulations.

– Comprehensive Linguistic Analysis: As the only solution that performs sophisticated linguistic analysis on all three classes of data, Content Alarm NW goes beyond merely identifying exact data matches and has the capability to recognize derived works – that is, when a document contains sensitive information that was pulled from another source. For example, Content Alarm NW can recognize a partial match of sensitive information if sections of a financial report have been cut-and-pasted into another document and prevent both this and the original document from crossing the network boundary. This richer analysis provides users with unparalleled accuracy across the spectrum of data types.

– Self-Maintaining Digital Fingerprints: Just as Google crawls the Web to identify relevant information, Content Alarm NW uses crawler technology to constantly create “digital fingerprints” of sensitive information that identify it as proprietary financial information, personally-identifiable information, source code, or other sensitive material that should not leave the organization. This information is stored in Content Alarm NW’s Content Catalog, and is automatically updated as the status of information changes. For example, Content Alarm NW automatically tracks when an authorized employee moves a draft press release into a public folder and removes the designation of “sensitive” from the now-public document.

– Highly Accurate Prevention of Data Loss: Content Alarm NW can quarantine and block transmissions that violate information security policies. It classifies and identifies data using a sophisticated array of highly accurate analysis techniques that can handle all classes of data. Content Alarm NW then applies the content transmission policies the user has defined for that data, either auditing the transmission and sending an alert or proactively blocking the transmission.

Enterprise-Class Desktop Protection – Content Alarm DT 2.0

Tablus has taken best-of-breed technology acquired from Indigo Security and created a true enterprise-class protection solution for employee desktops. Content Alarm DT offers unprecedented levels of visibility and control over who accesses confidential information and what they do with it. Content Alarm DT effectively monitors and prevents confidentiality breaches via printing, taking screen shots, using copy/paste, or copying to removable media, such as USB Flash drives. Key features include:

– Delegated Administration: With Content Alarm DT’s easy-to-use “delegated administration,” policy management is put into the hands of the appropriate business manager who should be setting policies regarding confidentiality, lifting the management burden from IT employees. Delegated administration also ensures that only the appropriate administrator is notified in the event of an attempted confidentiality breach and that only the department that needs to see information sees it. For example, the finance department cannot see source code, and the engineering department cannot see financial records.

– Application Independence: At the same time, Content Alarm DT is “application independent,” ensuring automatic protection for data without plug-ins or application modifications or dependence on which version of an application created the data – from office applications to CAD programs to source code editors. This is a critical benefit for large enterprises that might have hundreds of different active applications.

– Trusted Applications: Content Alarm DT allows administrators to identify a list of “trusted applications” and effectively prevent non-trusted applications from accessing data. For example, an administrator can ensure that only a database program can access personally identifiable health information and not a spreadsheet or email program. This provides ongoing, or “zero-day,” protection against worms, viruses, or other rogue applications that might attempt to extract and forward confidential information.

– Real-Time Adaptive Policy: The system is able to adapt policy in real-time to high-risk conditions. For example, if an employee gives his two-weeks notice and suddenly begins copying a large number of files, Content Alarm DT can respond in real-time to block this activity and notify an administrator or manager.

– Load Balancing and Failover: Content Alarm DT supports load balancing and failover capabilities, enabling it to scale to meet the demands of large enterprises.


Content Alarm DT and Content Alarm NW are shipping today with the fully integrated solution available later this summer. Customers can deploy the products to strategically protect single departments or divisions or can deploy them enterprise-wide. Departmental deployments start as low as $25,000 while enterprise deployments start at $75,000.

About Tablus

Tablus, Inc. provides comprehensive content protection solutions that prevent unauthorized or unintended dissemination of confidential information. By preventing such disclosures, Tablus helps organizations reduce legal and financial risk, protect their brand reputation and prove regulatory compliance.

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