Bad Guys Use Keyloggers to Get Hold of Your Credit Card Numbers

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. People are buying more goods and services than ever before. Reason? It’s convenient. You sit in your favorite armchair and, sipping a cup of hot Nescafe, surf online shops, find the thing you need and order it. You may even have it delivered right to your door. And the only walking you need to do is with your fingers, typing in your credit card numbers. In doing so most shoppers don’t even suspect that their precious digits may get into the hands of some smart guy who secretly left a keylogger on the computer.

So what is a keylogger? “A keylogger is a spyware that stealthily records all keystrokes you make, takes snapshots of your screen and emails a detailed report to its owner,” explains Alexander Styopkin, CEO of Styopkin Software. “Such spyware may be installed by anyone who has an access to your computer or come as a component part of a virus or any other deceptively innocent application. Once installed, the keylogger is used to get hold of your credit card numbers, passwords, emails and other sensitive information. According to the latest surveys about 80% of home computers contain some type of spyware, including keyloggers.”

Frightening figures. But is there a way to protect your computer from keyloggers? Mr. Styopkin continues “Unfortunately antivirus software and firewalls fail to detect them and they remain invisible in the Windows processes. What may help is a good anti-keylogger. Our company is currently offering Keylogger Hunter which can help you block the work of about 90% of keyloggers. Most of them are hook-based and they get the OS to inform them about pressed keys. With Keylogger Hunter, you can simply delete this information before it is captured by the spyware. As a result there is an empty file of a keylogger and nothing to email its owner.”

Keylogger Hunter is a valuable addition to your security protection toolkit. It is small in size and takes minimum space on the hard drive. Working transparently throughout the operating system, it consumes a few system resources and doesn’t slow down the computer performance. By default it sits in the system tray and watches for suspicious activity in real time. Should there be a keylogger on your system, it simply paralyses the accumulation of information. And it does it without any interference from you and without the need to update the base of signatures. Another good thing about Keylogger Hunter is its price which is only $19.95.

The program has already proved its workability and helped many home users and businesses prevent the theft of their credit card numbers and other confidential information. “I have had an incredible success with Keylogger Hunter,” says Andrew Mokhov, co-founder of a legal advice office in Kiev, Ukraine. “After reading these nightmare articles about hackers and credit card theft, I decided to download the commercial version of your software and to my horror really, it found a keylogging program on my office computer. Fortunately it stopped it cold. Your program seemed to be just in time. Now I am recommending this anti-keylogger to my friends and hopefully they will get it too. A stitch in time saves nine, you know.”

Pricing and Availability
Keylogger Hunter runs under Windows 2000/XP and costs $19.95 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to free upgrades and technical support. A 30-day evaluation version is available as a free download at


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