Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers with Advanced Administrative Tools 5.80

G-Lock Software today announces the release of version 5.80 of Advanced Administrative Tools (AATools). This is the newest version of a multithreaded network diagnostic toolkit that offers twelve cutting-edge tools, including TCP/UDP Security Port Scanner, Proxy Analyzer, RBL Locator, Trace Route, Email Verifier, Links Analyzer, Whois, Network Monitor, Process Monitor, System Info, Resource Viewer and Registry Cleaner. These tools will provide you with sufficient information about your computer, network status and service availability, thus helping you optimize the system for maximum productivity and protection against hackers.

Today security has become the top concern for everyone who owns a computer. With viruses and hackers causing chaos on a daily basis, every user needs a reliable solution to eliminate security threats from the outset, before the damage is done. Advanced Administrative Tools gives you all the tools for performing a comprehensive test of the system critical components and exposing vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers. Needless to say that being aware of the risks beforehand will help you address security challenges better, save time and money. In addition to checking open ports, proxies, email blacklists and system processes, customers will also discover handy tools for managing the computer, for example, Registry Cleaner, Resource Viewer and others.

One of the core security-related components of AATools is a port scanner that has an inbuilt database of ports, including officially assigned, unofficially used or those which are affected by malicious programs. This scanner accurately determines what service is listening on a specific port based on the records in its database. Using the network monitor, you can view active services on all ports, map ports to their applications and stop any unwanted or suspicious connection. Proxy Analyzer will help you manage a database of proxy servers by letting you test or verify the list of addresses on proxy servers. By using a proxy address, you can surf the web anonymously. With a trace router, you can view the path a packet takes as it goes from router to router and see the IP address and the actual name of each router, line-by-line.

Other AATools scanners include those that will help you improve your security as well as those which can be used to optimize and manage your computer. These are:

– Real Time Blacklist Locator. With this tool you can search for an IP address in the DNS-based spam databases and see if you are listed as a “bad actor” in any of the blacklists.
– Email Verifier. This tool will help you verify if a specific email address is still valid by connecting directly to the SMTP server for a check.
– Links Analyzer. With this tool, you can scan all URL addresses on your disk as well as IE Favorites and see if a specific link has changed or become invalid.
– Process Monitor. This tool will provide you with accurate information on all processes and applications currently running on your computer.
– Whois. This tool will help you get information about IP addresses, host names, location, NSP name, administrator and technical support contact information of any internet address.
– Resource Viewer. This tool will help you view the resources of executable files.
– System Info. With this tool you can quickly collect your system configuration data and use it in troubleshooting your computer.
– Registry Cleaner. Using this tool, you can wipe away unnecessary entries in the registry to speed up your system performance and reduce the number of errors.

Pricing and Availability Advanced Administrative Tools 5.80 runs under Windows 98/2000/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003 and costs $75 (USD) for a single-user license. Registered customers are entitled to free minor updates and lifetime technical support. G-Lock Software offers discount options for corporate customers as well as academic and non-profit organizations. The evaluation version of AATools 5.80 is available as a free download at

About G-Lock Software Founded 1999, G-Lock Software is a technology company focused on delivering network maintenance and management solutions as well as system and email utilities. The company’s product catalogue includes Advanced Administrative Tools, a network and firewall diagnostic tool, Advanced Email Verifier, an email verifying program, G-Lock EasyMail, a newsletter marketing software, G-Lock Email Processor, an incoming email processing software, G-Lock SpamCombat, an anti-spam filter and G-Lock Temp Cleaner, a freeware to search and remove temporary, junk and obsolete files. For more information, visit

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