BeCrypt Launches Disk Protect 3.0 With Disk Encryption With Enhanced Options For Mobile Devices

BeCrypt, the leading UK encryption security company, has unveiled version 3.0 of its DISK Protect(tm) full disk encryption security solution for laptop and desktop computers. DISK Protect 3.0 offers features specifically tailored to the needs of business users, including Single Sign-On, secure hibernation, removable media encryption and extended smart card support.

DISK Protect 3.0 is part of BeCrypt’s range of successful enterprise encryption security products, which includes the UK Government-approved DISK Protect Baseline and DISK Protect Enhanced.

The trend towards mobile working exposes corporate data to the risks of loss and targeted theft of the device for both its data content and to provide access to the corporate network. BeCrypt DISK Protect 3.0 directly addresses these risks by securing data with strong encryption and pre-boot authentication whilst having no impact on usability.

Running DISK Protect 3.0, the business user can log in, use applications, save files and hibernate the computer as usual. If, however, the machine is lost or stolen, an unauthorised user cannot access it without the authorised password. Even if the thief is sophisticated enough to remove the laptop hard drive in an attempt to bypass the password authentication, the data cannot be read without the authorised encryption key.

DISK Protect 3.0’s Single Sign-On feature can simplify computer start up by synchronising the user’s DISK Protect password with his or her Windows password. The user employs the Windows password to log in to DISK Protect 3.0 and is then automatically logged into Windows. This not only speeds up the log in process, it also means that a user need only remember one password, which significantly reduces the risk that he or she will write it down or otherwise expose it – a common security problem. The use of Single Sign-On Technology has also been proven to reduce the number of calls to internal IT support desks.

Hibernation allows a computer to start up rapidly by storing an image of the system memory at the moment of shutdown. When the computer is restarted, this image is copied back into memory, so applications are already running, files are still open, and the user can resume work immediately. Hibernation is usually incompatible with a full disk encryption solution because the hibernation mechanism bypasses the normal encryption process. DISK Protect 3.0, however, intercepts the hibernation process, encrypting the hibernation file as it is written to disk, decrypting it on start up and therefore allowing the system to boot rapidly with no threat to security. This facility is perfect for busy executives on the go because, rather than waiting to shut down their system, they can close the lid and go, secure in the knowledge that all their files will be open and waiting for them when they log in again and resume work.

BeCrypt CEO, Peter Jaco, says that DISK Protect 3.0 offers business users a significant step up in the security of their mobile data. “More Government and corporate managers are conscious of the cost, and the impact to their business, of the loss or compromise of data assets that are key to their department or company. When you combine this threat with the need for increased mobility in the workforce and increased legislation such as Sarbanes Oxley and BS 17779, the problem escalates to a level that poses real business risk,” he said. “At BeCrypt we provide enterprise security products that can enable security conscious organisations to effect security policy in a way that has minimum impact on their workforce while maintaining encryption of core data assets. DISK Protect 3.0 is the latest in a range of BeCrypt products that will let security staff rest easy at night.”

DISK Protect is easy to install using standard network deployment tools. Once the user has entered his or her DISK Protect password and logged in to Windows, encryption is transparent. Everything written to the hard disk is automatically encrypted and everything read from the hard disk is automatically decrypted, while the user is unaware that anything extra is happening.

DISK Protect 3.0 is available now for review. Please contact Craig Brophy on 020 7494 6570.

About BeCrypt

BeCrypt Limited was formed in 2001 to meet the growing demand for high-level computer encryption products in the international government and corporate marketplace. The company is the UK’s largest supplier of enterprise encryption and security products designed to fully protect all corporate data. BeCrypt products protect customers in key UK government areas including: central and local government, the military and defence sector, law enforcement and transportation. The company also services the commercial sector with key customers in financial services, pharmaceutical, insurance and banking sectors.

BeCrypt’s DISK Protect and PDA Protect products have been designed to meet stringent government security standards and have been approved by the UK Government. This approval ensures BeCrypt products have met the needs of Government level security policy and standards without compromising usability.

BeCrypt has won an award from the Department of Trade and Industry for innovative technology and has patents pending on a number of unique security technologies.

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