Criston Announces the Availability of Precision 5.2

Sophia-Antipolis – France June 27th 2005 – Criston, the leading European provider of systems, patch and vulnerability management announces that Criston Precision 5.2, an integrated software suite dedicated to systems and security management on a company-wide scale, is now available. Precision 5.2 brings a revolutionary autonomic approach to customer station management. Based on intelligent agent technology, the solution provides users with a tool that is proven for carrying out the following applications: automatic IT assets inventory and management, large-scale software distribution, remote administration, security patch management, OS deployment and migration, mobile device management, self-healing and supervision for systems, etc.

The launching of Precision 5.2 meets one of the market’s major requirements: better security for work stations and servers in order to improve performance and profitability of IT systems.

In addition to conserving all of the technological characteristics of Precision 5.1 that was successfully launched in Europe in December 2004, Precision 5.2 now provides companies with a proven autonomic solution for self-healing and auto-administration, for fixed or mobile customer devices of all sizes, wherever they are located and for all types of connections. Major evolutions in the 5.2 version are as follows:

– Statistical reports for remote distribution
Criston Precision v5.2 provides optimised remote distribution with a tool that monitors distribution activity including key performance measurements. Administrators can create statistical reports for distribution: volume of deployed packages – package type, volume/time (week/month) rate, state of installation, distributed data volume, number of packages distributed per station, etc.

– Centralized auto-discovery
Results from auto-discovery stations are stored in the main database, for optimised flexibility and power of the auto-discovery module. Criston Precision keeps a combined list of auto-discovery stations to be deployed. Administrators are notified (by alerts) when new stations are recorded on the list.

– Personalized inventory
An optimised personalized inventory so that administrators can specify columns of additional data that can be updated via imports or direct editing on the console.

– Additional direct access functions
Direct access tool can be configured in real time to give the administrator direct access to read and write in directories, files, services and registries on remote stations. It now includes the following additional functions:
– Process management (similar to Windows task manager)
– Windows event management

– Application monitoring
Application monitoring gives Precision administrators direct display of installed applications and allows them to associate them with the company’s life cycle. Data from the software inventory can be correlated according to certain categories: purchased software/installed software/software being used. Monitoring also includes a function that allows administrators to inhibit certain applications from running. The module uses software inventory data at the console level. The Criston agent provides statistics for application use for both connected and non-connected stations.

– Performance management
In order to reduce outage time, Criston Precision proactively provides essential information related to system performance via a performance management tool (station health log). The tool allows Precision to collect customer data and display customer-end performance, thus supplementing existing solutions that focus on server-end performance only. Data is stored locally and then sent to the database when needed.

Criston Precision 5.2 will be on the market and available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese beginning June 30, 2005. Editor’s recommended price for Criston Precision 5.2 is 68 € per node.

“With Precision 5.2, we help computer departments achieve levels of security and performance that were never possible until now. Our solution helps our customers protect their ever-expanding environment: work stations, laptops and servers,” points out Rapha?«l Chauvel, Director of Product Management and Engineering. “Organic growth of our software suite, which now includes solutions for patch and security management, and monitoring and overall security, meets with our customers’ needs.”

Together, Precision 5.2, Patch Manager and Vulnerability Manager (two other leading Criston solutions) meet with customer, analyst and computer department needs, by providing a targeted security solution that is delivered company-wide from one management interface. In addition, Precision 5.2 lets administrators automatically make IT assets inventories, identify vulnerabilities, test and deploy patches and finally, eliminate and block harmful spyware and adware applications, using only one application suite.

About Criston Software

Founded in 1997, Criston is the leading provider of autonomic PC and Device management systems Its solutions allow IT professionals to understand, plan, automate and control their organization’s IT environment. The benefits of our autonomic solution are appreciated throughout the enterprise. The automation of basic management tasks and use of self-healing techniques dramatically reduce the time required to keep the system healthy and operational. The continuous monitoring and solving of problems produces a more reliable system. While the technology is hidden from the end users, it ensures a stable and up-to-date PC environment with far fewer service interruptions. Criston Software is headquartered in Sophia Antipolis, France. More information about Criston can be accessed at

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