CyberGuard Raises the Bar for Web Filtering Security with Triple Anti-Virus Engines for its Webwasher Content Security Suite

Bracknell, UK, June 28, 2005 – CyberGuard Corporation (Nasdaq: CGFW), a global provider of security solutions that protect the critical components of the largest and most complex information networks for Global 2000 enterprises and government organizations, today announced a powerful new content security solution that simultaneously scans using up to three anti-virus engines to thwart security threats individual anti-virus engines may miss, thereby proactively preventing the loss of sensitive data to identity thieves.

Webwasher CSM 5.2, the newest version of CyberGuard’s Content Security Management Suite, also delivers a unique ‘One-Click Lockdown’ feature which enables organizations to weather heavy attacks by triggering a lockdown of vulnerable areas of the network while allowing necessary applications to run uninterrupted. Webwasher CSM 5.2 will be generally available in July.

Though all anti-virus vendors claim to offer full coverage of known viruses and end-to-end protection, recent data proves otherwise. According to the 2004 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, 99% of companies use anti-virus software, yet 78% of them were hit by viruses, worms and other malware. This occurs in large part because anti-virus vendors are often one step behind the latest attack trends and unable to identity new theft schemes such as ‘phishing’, ‘pharming’ or ‘ransom-ware’ until after they have caused extensive damage to unsuspecting users.

“Large enterprises and government organizations are under the false impression that a single anti-virus solution will guard against any threat,” said Pat Clawson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CyberGuard. “By combining our Proactive Security Filters with three top-rated anti-virus engines, our customers can remain on the offensive, thwarting attacks before they occur and preventing these incidents from negatively impacting their bottom line.”

By delivering up to three anti-virus engines working in tandem, CSM 5.2:
* Increases the probability that one of the scan engines will be updated by anti-virus labs earlier than the others, consequently greatly reducing the time between a virus outbreak and the anti-virus update.
* Catches viruses that single anti-virus program might have missed, resulting in better performance, less latency and higher security.
* Protects against unavailability of virus updates from one anti-virus vendor due to power outages, natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances.

“Organizations are hard-pressed to keep pace with the increasing volume and maliciousness of identity thieves and virus writers,” said Brian Burke, Research Manager of Security Products, IDC. “The comprehensive and proactive functionality of Webwasher’s CSM suite – including the impressive ‘One-Click Lockdown’ feature – is an approach that would enable many customers to stay ahead of the malicious code challenge.”

‘One-Click Lockdown’ is a powerful and unique security tool that enables network administrators to fend off potential zero-day attacks, network worms or malware that is rapidly spreading through the internet. Traditionally, large enterprises and organizations under heavy attack pull the plug and shut down everything to contain the damage – which not only disrupts business operations but adversely impacts the bottom line. With ‘One-Click Lockdown’ organizations can pre-configure settings in advance so that if a massive, fast-moving attack does occur, network administrators can click a single button, shut down sensitive areas of the business without affecting other applications or network functions.

CSM 5.2 also includes an Anti-Phishing Filter that effectively blocks phishing e-mails by double checking links against known phishing sites and providing a two-way filter to detect potentially infected PCs that are hijacked and used as spamming machines distributing phishing e-mails. Other new or enhanced features in CSM 5.2 include: Comprehensive life and log file reporting on viruses in Web and e-mail; Extended URL-Filter Categories and Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) support.

CyberGuard’s Webwasher CSM 5.2, including Anti-Virus and Content Protection, starts at a per-user price of £7.95/year including one anti-virus engine, £14.31 for two anti-virus engines or £19.07 including three anti-virus engines for a three year subscription for 1,000 users. For more information or to contact a distributor in your area, please visit

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CyberGuard Corporation (Nasdaq:CGFW) is a global provider of security solutions that protect business-critical information assets at Global 2,000 organizations and government entities. The company’s firewall/VPN, TSP(tm), Global Command Center(tm) and Webwasher(r) product suites comprise a comprehensive, integrated security system, which offers highly adaptive, scalable solutions that intelligently guard against network intrusion and content-based vulnerabilities, detecting and eliminating security threats in real-time for performance optimization. CyberGuard has deployed more than 250,000 products in organizations around the world to maintain the health and integrity of their enterprises. Headquartered near Boca Raton, Florida, the company has branch offices and training centers around the globe and can be located on the World Wide Web at

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