Senforce Wi-Fi Security Eliminates Critical Threat to Enterprises: Wireless Network Risks

Draper, Utah – July 05, 2005 – Senforce Technologies Inc. today announced an innovative security solution that protects systems across existing Wi-Fi standards and the forthcoming 802.11n standard. The new solution, Senforce Wi-Fi Security (SWIS), is the only solution of its type that safeguards systems from wireless computing vulnerabilities, hackers, and unwitting employees—going above and beyond the basic security built into Wi-Fi networking gear.

Many networking vendors now offer Wi-Fi products loosely designed to meet the evolving 802.11n standard. Other vendors adhere to existing 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g standards. Senforce’s SWIS software is the only solution that effectively safeguards and enforces security policies on desktops, notebooks and tablet computers within any type of Wi-Fi network. The technology has been architected so that it will enforce Wi-Fi security on legacy and the newest wireless networks, as well as evolving security standards on all Wi-Fi connections.

“Even if enterprises activate the security features found in various Wi-Fi standards, those organizations remain vulnerable to wireless security threats both inside the corporate network, and on home or public-pay wireless networks,” said Scott Richards, vice president of Product Management at Senforce. “Without Senforce Wi-Fi Security, hackers and even well-meaning employees can undermine Wi-Fi security.”

Many internal Wi-Fi security problems occur after employees purposely or accidentally deactivate traditional firewall and antivirus software installed on their systems, according to Richards. Other problems, he added, occur when well-meaning employees deploy Wi-Fi access points on their own in remote offices, lobbies, cafeterias, or when they establish their own wireless networks at their homes.

When deployed, Senforce Wi-Fi Security:

” Prevents connections to rogue access points
” Prevents or disables “at risk” networking behavior, such as network adapter bridging
” Controls Wi-Fi usage by network location (in the office, on the road, at home)
” Delivers a self-defending client
” Disables Wi-Fi connectivity when using a wired LAN
” Disallows Wi-Fi ad hoc network connections by location
” Enforces use of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) or Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) on all Wi-Fi connections
” Ensures endpoints can only connect via approved Wi-Fi access points
” Ensures use of pre-approved Wi-Fi adapters to make wireless connections while providing the added benefit of reducing IT product support costs
” Enables security administrators to automatically distribute and apply WEP and/or WPA pre-shared keys without any end-user intervention; enforcing VPN usage; disabling or restricting use of Bluetooth and infrared communication ports

“Senforce offers one of the most comprehensive endpoint security solutions and it provides unique and needed wireless capabilities that enable organizations to enforce remote access policies,” said Chris Christiansen, program vice president, Security Products and Infrastructure Overview Services, IDC.

SWIS arrives at a critical time for enterprise and government customers. U.S. businesses and consumers will spend $7 billion on Wi-Fi equipment by 2008, up from $4.35 billion in 2004, according to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). The TIA expects the number of Wi-Fi hotspots to rise from 32,800 this year to 64,200 in 2008.

Many enterprise customers have suffered Wi-Fi security incidents. Wireless security risks are particularly high in the government sector, where nine of 24 major agencies have yet to issue wireless-security plans, according to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Of the 24 agencies, 13 don’t require proper Wi-Fi security and most don’t monitor wireless network activity.

Said Christiansen: “Within many organizations, end users attempt to turn off anti-virus, anti-spyware and other protective software, or reconfigure their systems, often leaving them open to hackers or infection from malware. Most users also do not understand how to properly secure their wireless connections at home or on the road.” He continued: “While companies have done a good job protecting their perimeters from traditional attacks, most computers lack the endpoint and Wi-Fi security software that will effectively ward off hackers. Senforce helps alleviate this problem.”

Using Senforce endpoint security technology, organizations can:

” Prevent connection to rogue access points, ad hoc connections, or “evil twin’ / man-in-the-middle attacks
” Secure users working at public access Wi-Fi hotspots, making them virtually invisible to hackers and enforcing security measures such as VPN usage
” Automate the creation and enforcement of security policies, monitoring compliance via a central management console
” Control unwitting or malicious employee behavior
” Use existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, with no need to purchase, install or manage additional Wi-Fi hardware on every floor (sensors, gateways, etc.)

SWIS ensures all endpoint devices—desktops, tablets and notebooks—comply with corporate security and remote access policies governing Wi-Fi network connectivity and security. SWIS enforces highly-customizable system connectivity policies that are centrally managed, automatically distributed to end-users, and continuously enforced—always and everywhere—without user intervention.

With SWIS, telecommuters, day extenders, and “road warriors’ enjoy the same high level of security protection as users behind the corporate firewall, even when they connect through unmanaged network infrastructure or public access Wi-Fi hotspots.

“Senforce is one of the top innovators and key enabling technologies facilitating the adoption of wireless technology,” said Sam McGee, president, All Points Logistics, Inc. “The Senforce solution enables vastly improved communications while effectively protecting our networks, computing devices, and data against the risks inherent in wireless networking.”

Pricing and Availability

Senforce Wi-Fi Security (SWIS) is available now, at $45 per seat. Quantity discounts are available.

About Senforce Technologies, Inc.

Senforce Technologies is the leader in policy-enforced endpoint security. Senforce Endpoint Security Suite (ESS) and Senforce Wi-Fi Security (SWIS) enables IT managers to centrally create, manage and enforce security policies to protect corporate data on endpoint devices, automate security practices and enforce regulatory compliance such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA and DoD 8100.2. Senforce protects users regardless of location or method of accessing a wired or wireless network. Proven across large and small enterprises, as well as government agencies, Senforce products deliver both driver- and application-layer solutions to provide the most advanced protection against hackers, malware, device theft, wireless threats and other endpoint security vulnerabilities. The company is headquartered in Draper, Utah. Senforce is privately-held and funded by Thomas Weisel Venture Partners, vSpring Capital, Rocket Ventures, American River Ventures and EsNet Group. For more information, visit or call 1-877-844-5430.

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