SHOUT VoIP Migration Appliance Delivers Hardened Security Features that make VoIP Viable for Large Enterprises

July 06, 2005 —, a global supplier of communications equipment, has addressed the security concerns of enterprise VoIP with the development of an extremely advanced set of security features for its SHOUT VoIP Migration Appliance (VMA).

The issue of VoIP security among enterprises is at an all time high, in part due to the rise of cyber attacks and the belief that a VoIP network can be easily intruded. In recent research by Infonetics, titled “User Plans for IP Voice,” security was the number one reason why large organisations were stalling or avoiding the adoption of VoIP within their networks.

The SHOUT VMA answers these concerns with an impressive offering of security features to provide the enterprise with a rich and comprehensive security solution, including:

· Rogue Packet Ejector – a rock-solid firewall that prevents direct denial of service (DDOS) attacks that can bring down an IP network.
· BESTFlow Voice Tunneling – a highly efficient voice transport mechanism that also delivers a guaranteed superior level of security to all voice traffic
· MD5 Authentication – challenges devices that are attempting to call the network and verifying responses against an internal table or an external database to prevent spoofing and phishing
· Transport Layer Security – prevents tracing and trapping of a voice stream to guard identity and information by encrypting the open SIP signaling
· Secure Real Time Protocol – provides encryption of real-time protocol media streams
· Firewall and NAT Traversal – voice traffic can traverse existing firewall and NAT solutions enabling enterprises to run VoIP over their existing data infrastructure without having to update or replace their security devices or policies

“An attack on a VoIP network is a scandal waiting to happen and is affecting confidence in the technology. Enterprises need to explicitly trust the integrity of VoIP and the security measures in place if they are to deploy in greater numbers,” said Stephen Gleave, VP Marketing, “The features within the SHOUT VMA provide the missing ingredients to VoIP security ensuring the highest possible level of protection whilst maintaining reliability and availability of the voice network.”

According to Robin Gareiss, Executive Vice President and Senior Founding Partner of Nemertes Research, Inc., “Based on the extensive benchmarking we’ve conducted at Nemertes, we see that security really is slipping through the cracks in most organisations. In the converged network, with the inherent blending of data and telecom functions, everyone assumes someone else is responsible for this critical issue and frankly, not a lot of thought has been given to the process. This is a huge problem right now and the first time people talk about it is when they find themselves under threat.”

“For enterprises to migrate to VoIP, they need to do so in the knowledge that the level of security is not being compromised and is protected from attacks and malicious users,” continued Gleave. “SHOUT VMA gives network managers the confidence and piece of mind that their VoIP network is built on the safest and most secure of foundations.”

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