karalon Ltd Announces the Release of Traffic IQ Pro and Traffic IQ Basic

Stevenage, Herts, UK, 19th July 2005: karalon Ltd today announces the
release of two new products Traffic IQ Pro(tm) and Traffic IQ Basic(tm).

karalon Ltd develops powerful and yet easy to use software solutions to allow users to test the traffic recognition and response capabilities of their network and security devices.

Traffic IQ Pro(tm) and Traffic IQ Basic(tm) are security and protocol recognition testing solutions that allow users to generate normal and malicious stateful traffic streams. Both products are shipped with libraries of normal and malicious network traffic files that can be replayed to produce accurate stateful sessions without requiring any other hardware or software resources to be available.

Traffic IQ(tm) products can be used to test the detection, recognition and response capabilities of any network and security device to see how it reacts to different types of traffic. Devices that can be tested include firewalls, IPS & IDS systems, router ACL’s, switches and any other packet-filtering device.

Traffic IQ Pro(tm) offers users the most complete security and protocol recognition testing solution available on the market today. It is shipped with over 640 traffic files that are updated on a regular basis and include malicious traffic files such as network attacks, spy-ware, denial of service, backdoors, and attacks against applications such as IIS and SQL. In addition Traffic IQ Pro(tm) contains standard traffic sessions for users to test with including HTTP, messenger clients, Nessus, News, Pop 3, SMTP, SSH Telnet and many others traffic types. Users can also easily add their own traffic files, build simple or complex testing scenarios, script tests and save and share repeatable test data.

Traffic IQ Basic(tm) offers users the most simple and easy to use point and click traffic recognition testing solution. It is shipped with a pre-defined library of 58 traffic files that are conveniently built into 12 groups. Users can produce meaningful, stateful and accurate test data within seconds of installing the product.

Tony Haywood CTO and Chief Architect of karalon Ltd states ” Accurate traffic and protocol recognition testing has for too long been a difficult task for end users, security labs and network and security vendors. Previously users have had to spend huge amounts of time, resource and money to perform recognition testing. With the availability of Traffic IQ(tm) that time, resource and financial cost can be immediately removed and any user, no matter how simple or complex their requirements can find a cost effective solution to their problem. All network and security devices have to be configured and that is generally a manual process. Traffic IQ(tm) now offers network and security administrators a way to effectively evaluate and test the configuration of their infrastructure quickly and easily to ensure that approved traffic is allowed and that denied traffic and attacks are blocked at the relevant network points.”

Traffic IQ(tm) products run on MS Windows(tm) platform and evaluation software can be downloaded from the karalon web site, www.karalon.com

Traffic IQ Pro(tm) is available and priced at $4,800 for a perpetual license including first year’s maintenance.

Traffic IQ Basic(tm) is available and priced at $299 for an annual license.

karalon Ltd is a privately held and funded company based in the UK.

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