BitDefender Antivirus Solutions Certified by Mandriva

Mandriva Linux distribution developers issued BitDefender with certificates stating full compatibility between BitDefender for Samba Linux File Servers, BitDefender Mail Protection for Small Business and Mandriva Linux Corporate Server 3.0. The certification attests that Mandriva system administrators will have no trouble whatsoever with installing and running the aforementioned BitDefender products.

BitDefender for Samba File Servers is a secure content inspection solution, Virus Bulletin 100% certified. It provides antivirus protection at the Samba share level, scanning all accessed files (read and/or written) for known and unknown malware.

BitDefender Mail Protection for Small Business is a complex and robust antivirus and antispam solution which provides protection at the mail gateway level, by scanning all the inbound and outbound e-mail traffic for known and unknown malware. For its flexibility and reliability at both install- and run-time, it was nominated “Product of the Day” by the Linux Journal.

Mandriva Corporate Server 3.0 is a professional Linux distribution aimed at corporate servers. It is the result of several years of experience in the critical server applications field. Its Linux foundations allow business customers to benefit from outstanding robustness, scalability, and reliability, all with the ease of use specific to Mandriva (formerly known as Mandrakesoft).

“The BitDefender for Linux product line has been collecting certifications and prizes right and left. We now have another measure of the real-world value of our products in the Mandriva certification. As we all know, there is always a distance between a product working nicely in a lab and it functioning in a production environment. We seem to have bridged that gap quite nicely. My thanks go to the Mandriva and BitDefender dev teams, who’ve worked together to, respectively, find and iron out the last few bugs,” declared BitDefender Business Line Manager, Mircea Mitu.

While testing the BitDefender software, Mandriva’s Régis Wira commented: “BitDefender’s Remote Admin module eases so much the antivirus’s configuration, that once you get to use it, you wonder how and why you have been doing without it before. I am glad to give my seal of approval to such capable products.”

RELATED INFO: BitDefender for Samba and BitDefender Mail Protection for Small Business are available at for free 30-day trial. BitDefender products are available through the BitDefender offices and partners (

Mandriva Corporate Server 3 is available from the Mandriva corporate website

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