Panda Software launches new versions of its corporate products with highly effective anti-phishing protection

The new versions of Panda Software’s corporate solutions incorporate specific anti-phishing technologies in the different layers of corporate networks; at Internet gateway level (Panda ISASecure, Panda CVPSecure), in Exchange mail platforms (Panda ExchangeSecure), and in desktops (Panda ClientShield with TruPreventTM Technologies). Similarly, thanks to signature-based detection and TruPreventTM Technologies, Panda Software’s corporate users are also protected against local pharming attacks.

Every day, new emails that use phishing are detected. This is a technique used to obtain confidential information by spoofing the identity of a legitimate organization (usually via email messages that direct the user to a false web page). This allows an attacker to obtain bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, PINs, etc. According to Luis Corrons, director of PandaLabs: “It could be said that phishing already affects the large majority of online banking users around the globe. It is difficult to find a financial entity whose name has not been used to carry out one of these attacks”. In fact” -he adds-, “due to the increasing threat of phishing, Panda Software has recently joined the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), a powerful association formed by the main representatives of the IT security industry, which aims to fight against online fraud.”

Cyber-criminals that use phishing are fine-tuning their techniques, making it even more difficult to distinguish legitimate emails from false ones. They take great care in spoofing the image of both the email sent and the false web pages, replicating even the finest detail of the original website. This significantly increases human error, making it highly advisable to use technological solutions to head off this threat.

Pharming involves altering DNS (Domain Name System) addresses so that the web pages that a user visits are not the original ones, but others created specifically by cyber-crooks to collect confidential data, especially information related to online banking. Pharming attacks can be carried out directly against the DNS server, in such a way that the change of address will affect all users accessing this server while they browse the Internet, or they can be carried out locally i.e. in individual PCs. This second scenario is much more dangerous, not just because it is more effective, but because it is easier for attackers. They only need to modify a file, called hosts, which can be found in any computer running Windows and using Internet Explorer to access the Internet; and create a false web page.

Both techniques are frequently used and can have serious consequences for financial departments in many enterprises, which often use online banking websites. For this reason, the implementation of a solution against electronic fraud is essential.

Anti-phishing and anti-pharming protection in Panda Software’s corporate solutions

The new versions of ISASecure, CVPSecure, ExchangeSecure, DominoSecure and ClientShield with TruPreventTM Technologies include highly effective anti-phishing technologies. These technologies combine sequentially to improve efficiency and reduce the possibility of false positives. They include, on the one hand, web filtering to analyze URLs in emails and check them against a database of fraudulent sites. Similarly, email HTML format is scanned to identify typical traits of phishing attacks, such as spoofed links or senders, or images related to fraudulent addresses. Finally, another technology scans the content and format of the email in order to optimize precision in identifying whether an email is part of a phishing attack.

Other technologies in new versions of Panda software’s corporate products are also effective in combating phishing:

– Anti-spam technology. This technology includes four scan engines to sequentially analyze each message. This also allows phishing attacks to be detected and blocked, as they are frequently carried out through mass-mailing.

– Signature-based detection technology. This technology is effective against phishing attacks that exploit vulnerabilities that allow, for example, spoofing the address in browser address bars.

In addition, the corporate products with TruPreventTM Technologies, Panda BusinesSecure and Panda EnterpriSecure can prevent pharming attacks, based on the local modification of the hosts file. The policy reinforcement module included in these technologies can be configured to prevent this file from being altered, either by hackers or malicious code designed for that purpose. TruPreventTM Technologies and the signature-based detection also allow the new Panda Software corporate products to block both known and unknown malware specimens that try to modify the hosts file.

Panda Software corporate solutions: purchase and availability

To benefit from integrated network protection against all types of malware, Panda Software offers a range of specific solutions for different network layers incorporated in the following global solutions: Panda EnterpriSecure with TruPreventTM Technologies (for any size organization) and Panda BusinesSecure with TruPreventTM Technologies (for SMBs). These products can be bought in license ranges (per user/year). If you are already a client of Panda Software corporate products, you will be able to access this new version free of charge in the next few days. Contact your usual vendor for more information.

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