New Solution To Detect And Locate Rogue Wireless Networks

Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd, a leading provider of network access
security solutions, today announced UK availability of AirPatrol Mobile
v2.0TM, a second-generation, software-only solution that enables network administrators to detect and precisely locate all rogue wireless access points and laptops in an office environment.

This solution, which is designed to run on Microsoft Windows(TM)-based, wireless-equipped laptops or Tablet PC computers, can also be used to help plan the deployment of authorised wireless networks.

“From a security viewpoint, organisations need to be able to monitor and manage the radio frequency footprint of their buildings. This enables the network administrator to identify not only authorised wireless access points and clients but also rogue devices being used to gain access to the network or acting as a ‘man in the middle’ access point – one not actually connected to the wired network – but set up to capture logon and sensitive information from legitimate, unsuspecting users. This means that even in its very basic mode of operation, AirPatrol Mobile can help to identify trusted devices and determine friend from foe.” said Michele Lewington, managing director of Network Utilities.

AirPatrol Mobile 2.0 TM is not only able to locate all wireless devices within an office (including wireless access points, laptops and handheld computers) but can identify exactly where they are – displaying their positions using an on-screen, floor-plan map. In addition, it displays detailed site survey information about all of the wireless access points and devices in an office, and shows which access points each laptop or handheld computer is connected to.

Network Utilities is the exclusive UK supplier for this product, which was developed by Cirond Corporation (OTCBB:CROO), a global provider of network security solutions that protect wired and wireless networks against the rapidly growing threat arising from the deployment of unauthorised wireless devices.

AirPatrol Mobile 2.0 TM is a second generation product and replaces the innovative and pioneering AirPatrol Mobile 1.0 TM – which was announced in December 2003 and is currently being used by a variety of commercial, government and educational customers.

The major enhancements in AirPatrol Mobile 2.0 TM are:
* Laptop and handheld computer detection – It allows network administrators to see the MAC (machine) address of each device that is connected wirelessly within the office, including information about the signal strength of its connection, the signal-to-noise ratio of that connection, which device it is connected to, as well as the channel, mode and security state of that connection.
* Graphical channel utilisation — AirPatrol Mobile 2.0(TM) provides channel utilisation graphs on its site survey screen, enabling network administrators to quickly assess how well wireless channels are being used in office wireless networks.
* Improved reports and graphs — It provides a broad variety of reports and graphs that quickly show network administrators the state of the wireless space in their office environment in a way that can be easily understood and appreciated.

AirPatrol Mobile 2.0 TM is immediately available from Network Utilities – see The full retail price for v2.0 is £1495. Early adopters who buy the product before 30 September 2005 will be eligible for a special, introductory price of £895.

About Network Utilities
Network Utilities is a privately owned company, formed in 1989 to focus on the demand for new and innovative network administration and communications tools. This subsequently provided a sound basis for strategic alliances with developers of similar product lines requiring a UK presence and resulted in Network Utilities forging partnership arrangements with several international software manufacturers. Since 1992 Network Utilities has been committed to providing and supporting a ‘best of breed’ range of products for the management and security of the enterprise network and its remote workers. The extended portfolio addresses Internet and wireless LAN security. Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd is headquartered at Liberty House, 516 Walton Road, West Molesey, Surrey, KT8 2QF, UK, Tel: +44 (0) 20 8783 3800. For more information about the company, please visit the Network Utilities web site at

About Cirond Corporation
San Jose, California-based Cirond Corporation (OTCBB:CROO) is a network security company dedicated to securing wired and wireless networks against the rapidly growing security threat represented by the deployment of unauthorized wireless devices. Cirond products include AirSafe PersonalT (a utility that uses patent-pending Cirond technology to automatically disable a notebook computer’s wireless radio whenever the computer is plugged into a wired corporate network and allows users to prevent automatic connection to un-trusted wireless networks), AirPatrol MobileT (a software-only solution for detecting and locating rogue wireless devices using a laptop or Tablet PC mobile computer), AirPatrol SentinelT (a software-based network scanning tool that provides 24/7 “wired side” detection of unauthorized wireless devices) and AirPatrol EnterpriseT (a comprehensive network security solution which provides complete 24/7 detection and location of all unauthorized wireless devices in an organization).

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