Preventsys Automates Payment Card Industry Data Security Compliance For Merchants Worldwide

Preventsys Inc., a pioneer in enterprise security management, today announced its Enterprise Security Management system’s (ESM) PolicyLab supports Payment Card Industry (PCI) data standards. Organizations using ESM will now be able to track, remediate and report PCI data security compliance.

In effect since June 30, PCI data standards seek to tighten security measures surrounding credit card transactions and affect all merchants who handle credit card data. The standards include 12 security requirements including encryption of cardholder data, network scans, logical and physical access controls and activity monitoring and logging. The PCI standards are backed by both MasterCard International and Visa U.S.A.

“Our ability to audit against PCI standards will help the thousands of merchants who must now demonstrate compliance with PCI but have yet to figure out how,” said Brian Grayek, CTO of Preventsys. “In addition, merchants like MasterCard, Visa and others can use Preventsys’ software to audit and regularly monitor their third party vendors and partners for continuous compliance with their respective security policies.”

Preventsys’ automation of PCI compliance gives merchants processing more than six million transactions a year an expert way to internally measure compliance before a third party audit. This technology can be used to help merchants pass audits by finding and fixing noncompliance areas before the auditors conduct their formal assessment. While companies with fewer transactions are not required to submit a formal PCI compliance audit, Preventsys’ software can help eliminate any scrutiny of a merchant’s compliance efforts by conducting internal audits prior to completing the required self-assessment questionnaires. Additionally, Preventsys’ PolicyLab provides on-demand reporting for all 12 security requirements through its Enterprise Security Dashboard, giving companies an automated solution to demonstrate PCI compliance.

Preventsys has pioneered enterprise vulnerability management systems for large enterprises that are frustrated with the difficulty of managing multiple vulnerability assessment and configuration management tools to create risk and compliance reports. Unlike security event management (SEM) products that centralize data from security sensors for event monitoring and managed incident response, the Preventsys Enterprise Security Management system integrates best-of-breed security assessment tools into a central security dashboard, dramatically cutting costs and reducing the time it takes to create comprehensive, custom reports from weeks to seconds.

About Preventsys

The Preventsys Enterprise Security Management System automates the expensive, time-consuming process of risk and compliance reporting and centrally manages the vulnerability elimination process for Fortune 1000 companies and large government agencies. For more information, visit

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