CallingID Announces New Anti-Phishing Solution

Dallas, TX, July 28, 2005. CallingID ( ) has announced CallingID for the Internet ‘ a revolutionary anti-phishing solution that automatically detects bogus sites, identifies websites ownership and warns users from identity theft attempts. The new tool thwarts scammers’ attempts to steal users’ identity and personal information.

Phishing has become one of the most popular tools for identity-theft scammers. Phishers send emails that claim to be from legitimate organizations, luring the user to a fake but authentic looking website, such as the user’s bank site. Sophisticated scammers started using advanced phishing methods like DNS spoofing (known as pharming) that direct users, who are trying to access a real site, to the phishing site instead. Many users hesitate today before sending personal information, and are not sure about the legitimacy of the site they visit and about the risk they are taking when they submit personal information.

CallingID for the Internet solves this problem and provides the user with information on the authenticity of the site. CallingID automatically provides the user with information about the website ownership, including location, and verifies that the owner is a real organization. If the site owner hides its identity the user is immediately warned. If any of the information is suspicious, like a location in an unexpected country, users are advised to rethink their intention to submit personal information or to place an order from that site. CallingID automatically executes 52 different verification tests and summarizes the results in a simple conclusion: ‘verified’, ‘low risk’ or ‘high risk’.

‘CallingID is a bodyguard that alerts web surfers before they become victims of phishing scams,’ said Yoram Nissenboim, CallingID CEO. “With CallingID, users can surf safely, knowing that the website they are visiting is legitimate and not a bogus site trying to steal their money or identity.”

A personal copy of CallingID software can be downloaded for free from . Installation is fast and simple.

About CallingID
CallingID is a web privacy software company committed to providing critical information needed by its users to protect them from inadvertently submitting information to hostile websites. CallingID’s approach is a natural extension of the phone-based Caller-ID services used to identify callers. CallingID’s offices are located in Dallas, Texas and the R&D team is based in Haifa, Israel.

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