Lucid Security’s ipANGEL Protects Customers From Zotob Worm

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 18, 2005— Lucid Security, the leader in adaptive intrusion prevention, today announced that its ipANGEL intrusion prevention system provided preemptive protection for the Microsoft vulnerability exploited by the Zotob worm and its variants.

On Friday Aug. 12, shortly after Microsoft announced a vulnerability in Plug and Play that could allow remote code execution and elevation of privilege (MS05-039), Lucid Security’s Adaptive Security Library® was updated and distributed to customers through LucidWatchâ„? after extensive testing.

The first exploit of the (MS05-039) vulnerability was identified only a few days later (Sunday, Aug. 14) by F-Secure and reported to SANS / Internet Storm Center as the “Zotob” worm.

Malware authors, hackers and other criminals are increasingly disrupting and infiltrating organizations by targeting specific vulnerabilities within the code produced by software manufacturers. Lucid Security’s Adaptive Security Library acts as a virtual patch which protects customers automatically, before vulnerabilities can be exploited.

“Organizations have significantly less time to update and tune their intrusion prevention systems, and Zotob is a classic example as it appeared quickly after Microsoft announced the vulnerability,” said Lucid Security CTO Vik Phatak. “ipANGEL is the only intrusion prevention system that automatically updates and adapts to apply the correct protection in order to prevent zero-day attacks.”

About Lucid Security Corporation

Lucid Security, based in suburban Philadelphia, is the creator of ipANGELâ„?, the world’s only auto-tuning, integrated, predictive and adaptive intrusion prevention appliance. Lucid Security’s flagship ipANGEL technology was voted Best Emerging Technology by the editors of Information Security Magazine. ipANGEL is the Information Security industry’s first intrusion prevention system to integrate a transparent firewall, intrusion prevention, and vulnerability assessment capabilities. Through its patented Adaptive Intelligenceâ„? technology, ipANGEL enhances security and dramatically reduces the time required for operational maintenance. To learn more visit

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