Single Sign-On for the Private Home Office

The Institut fur System-Management (iSM) with headquarter in Germany offers a freeware of a complete functional Single Sign-On Solution including a biometric login for the private customer for the first time in this line of business.

Because of security reasons and considering the explosively increasing number of passwords and logins a password management today is a must. There is a security risk by wrong handling of passwords even in the private range, just because the number of password requiring Internet applications is rising.

Against all security guidelines often only one and the same password is used and even this is in the most cases oversimplified. For fear of forgetting passwords, they are written down on small gummed labels and fixed on the screen.

So far SSO was only applicable in big companies. But now the iSM offers a solution SSO Solo for private customers on their workstation at home. By the application of bi-Cube© SSO the user gets more comfort while surfing the Internet, the login data are stored coded. The user needs only one single registration in order to login to different Windows or web applications.

By the integrated tool SSO-Wizard the login data are transmitted per Drag&Drop function from the Windows- or Internet Explorer to the Single Sign-On. Additionally a biometric fingerprint procedure via ID-Mouse is involved. The biometric identification system allows a secure as well as a comfortable access to all applications. By the biometric ID-Mouse the login of the user to the system results from the check of the fingerprint.

Due to bi-Cube© SSO Solo the user has not longer to keep in mind complex passwords for certain applications. The passwords of different applications are saved and administrated securely. The user can operate with more productivity, as the troublesome enter of passwords is avoided. A double click is enough in order to start the desired application. bi-Cube© SSO Solo offers the unique opportunity of improving the comfort and protecting the data optimally.

The iSM is specialised in the range of Identity and Provisioning Management, knows the sectoral security aspects of access control and is familiar with security requirements.

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