LURHQ’s Sherlock Fall 2005 Release Further Extends Its Leadership Position Among MSSP Client Interfaces

LURHQ’s Sherlock Fall 2005 Release Further Extends Its Leadership Position Among MSSP Client Interfaces

New Sherlock features include Real-Time Risk Assessment, asset classification robust reporting and remediation workflow to help enterprises enhance their security posture, comply with regulations and improve security operations efficiency.

Chicago, IL – September 7, 2005 – LURHQ, the leading provider of Managed Security Services for Security Professionals, today announced the general availability of its Sherlock Fall 2005 Release. Sherlock Fall 2005 further delivers on the company’s vision of providing enterprises with an effective Threat and Vulnerability Management system that enables an enhanced security posture, painless compliance and improved security operations efficiency.

“Sherlock Fall 2005 embodies the feedback we’ve received from security professionals across our client-base that they need a better way to balance the demands of improving security, while complying with regulations,” said LURHQ Chief Operating Officer Steven Drew. “Sherlock Fall 2005 allows our clients to easily see the risk profile of their critical assets, trend their security posture over time and produce on-demand reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of their controls for regulatory compliance.”

A key new feature in Sherlock is the Real-Time Risk Assessment. This feature enables enterprises to see the risk profile associated with their critical assets in real-time. These views present prioritized information based on asset criticality and the severity of incidents, exposures and threat intelligence information. The result is a concern index score, which is used to judge the risk level of the particular asset or groups of assets. Additionally, customers will be able to trend the concern index over time enabling them to track remediation efforts and measure improvements to their security posture.

The Portal also features Asset Classification, which allows enterprises to effortlessly assess the security posture of individual assets and groups of assets. Within the Portal, assets can be profiled according to their attributes and criticality, and then grouped with other assets sharing common criteria. By utilizing this capability, enterprises can easily view the status of their critical asset groups, such as servers critical to SOX compliance or a group of security devices protecting business critical web servers, by utilizing the Real-Time Risk Assessment and generating on-demand reports.

Sherlock Fall 2005 contains robust remediation workflow that provides security teams with a process to prioritize and remediate any security issues in their environment. Sherlock presents teams with a prioritized list of open incidents, exposures and emerging threats uncovered by LURHQ’s Threat Intelligence Group that need to be remediated. Security teams can use this workflow functionality to assign these issues to the appropriate resource, track the remediation status and close out the issue. The actions taken are documented and can be reported on at any time that show what the issue was, what was done to fix the problem, how long it took and other information that may be required by auditors or management.

With this new release, enterprises now have access to a wide range of advanced reporting features. The Portal’s robust Reporting capabilities allow enterprises to leverage both pre-built templates and fully customized templates. The pre-built templates provide enterprises with a wide variety of easy-to-use templates that generate reports for regulatory compliance (SOX, HIPAA, GLBA), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), vulnerability scanning, threat intelligence, remediation, monitoring, and administrative purposes.

Fully customized reports can now be created using almost any field in our database. These reports can then be viewed on-demand, scheduled to run at a specific time or they can be generated periodically, such as once a month, once a week, etc. The delivery methods have also been expanded so that you can receive them in your Online Library, via encrypted email or sent as a password protected PDF. Another useful reporting feature is the ability to digitally sign reports in order to comply with your internal policies or industry regulations.

About Sherlock

Included with all of our Managed Security Services, Sherlock provides clients with real-time service delivery and enterprise security vision. Sherlock’s reporting capabilities include the Real-Time Risk Assessment, Threat Management Dashboard, trending and comparative analyses, customized reports, and real-time security event monitoring. Clients are able to access this secure, web-based interface at any time to generate reports, measure their security efforts and analyze enterprise-wide security event activity. Sherlock gives clients an effective Threat and Vulnerability Management system that delivers enhanced enterprise security, painless compliance and improved security operations efficiency.


LURHQ is the leading provider of Managed Security Services for security professionals. Founded in 1996, LURHQ empowers security professionals across its extensive base of enterprise clients through an integrated suite of Managed Security Services designed to deliver an effective Threat and Vulnerability Management solution. By combining scanning, intelligence, device management, monitoring and security information management processes into one comprehensive system, LURHQ’s Threat and Vulnerability Management solution allows organizations to easily demonstrate Compliance, increase Efficiency, and enhance their Security Posture. Additionally, LURHQ’s OPEN Service Delivery provides industry-leading visibility, keeping clients in control and resulting in a true partnership that yields maximum business value. For more information visit

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