Realtimepublishers and Apani Networks Release The Definitive Guide to

Monday, September 12, 2005-San Francisco, CA- Realtimepublishers, the leader in corporate sponsored ePublishing, announced the release of The Definitive Guide to Security Inside the Perimeter. Authored by security expert Rebecca Herold, the new title offers a comprehensive look at security threats inside the perimeter, factors involved in protecting critical network components against these threats, and best practices for developing strategies to secure your network from the inside.

“Investing in a security approach that makes the network perimeter impenetrable, yet leaves network assets open to insider attacks is not only risky, it could be viewed within court actions as unacceptable in terms of providing due care for protecting information,” explains author Rebecca Herold.

In order to adequately protect against threats such as employee abuse, poorly constructed software applications, and other fraudulent activities, The Definitive Guide to Security Inside the Perimeter examines challenges presented by corporate e-commerce requirements, information security attacks, and government regulations to produce a thorough security strategy.

The Definitive Guide to Security Inside the Perimeter offers the following informative chapters:

. New Threats for the Same Security Issues . Factors Working Against Just Securing the Perimeter
. Multi-dimensional Enterprise-Wide Security
. The Value of Zoning
. Layered security
. Tools in the Zones
. Managing Internal Security
. The Recipe for Security Within the Perimeter

Each new chapter of The Definitive Guide to Security Inside the Perimeter
will be posted online immediately upon completion, ensuring the most
up-to-date information available. The online edition of this title is
exclusively sponsored by Apani Networks and offered free of charge from
their website ( well as Realtimepublishers’
Content Central eBook portal (

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About Apani Networks
Apani Networks is the leading enterprise network security software provider
focused on securing inside the network perimeter. EpiForce, the company’s
flagship product, provides a transparent security layer for networked
applications by encrypting data in motion, enforcing machine-level access
control and centrally managing security policy relationships. Apani enables
corporate IT managers to quickly, automatically and cost effectively lock
down their networks, while providing the security and audit trail necessary
to demonstrate compliance to the wide range of regulations that affect
enterprises today. For more information, visit:

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