ipANGEL Prevents More Than 5 Million Attack Attempts, Blocks 12 Gb Of Throughput In 60 Days At Southeast Regional Data Center

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 6, 2005—Lucid Security, the leader in adaptive intrusion prevention, today announced that its industry-acclaimed ipANGEL intrusion prevention system prevented more than five million attacks and blocked 12 GB of throughput relevant to current vulnerabilities at a highly secured data center in the Tampa Bay area. The information was gleaned after a performance review, the first in a series of customer performance snapshots, of just one ipANGEL appliance deployed to protect multiple server blades.

“We were stunned by the number of attempted attacks and completely delighted by the performance and reliability of ipANGEL. If it hadn’t happened to us I wouldn’t have believed it,” said Jerry Riddle, vice president of Data Management Solutions, a solutions integrator based in Clearwater, Fla. “We installed ipANGEL to protect the Dell blades at this particular operations center and based on a recent review of the logs we found more than five million attacks against the site. ipANGEL successfully foiled each attempt, including prevention of the Zotob worm, and logged the type and source of the attack.”

Riddle added that ipANGEL required minimal tuning, administration or monitoring in the July to August 60-day period, and that the device self-updates to the latest signatures, enabling operations center personnel to better manage their time and enhance productivity.

“On the forensics front, ipANGEL was able to capture all time, date, source and destination addresses, and identify which specific vulnerability was attempted to be exploited,” Riddle said.

ipANGEL is the first intrusion prevention solution to integrate traditional intrusion prevention technology with vulnerability assessment and scanning, transparent (Layer 2) firewalling and multi-vector correlation, in which vulnerability data, access control rules and attack rules are correlated into one in one interoperable platform.

“We are receiving similar feedback from customers throughout the country and worldwide,” said Lucid Security CTO Vik Phatak. “Smarter and higher volume attacks require more intelligent and effective prevention measures that don’t drain IT resources. We will continue to track feedback from the frontline to showcase ipANGEL’s high performance and reliability in a number of information security environments and applications.”

On Aug. 18, Lucid Security announced that its Adaptive Security Library® and LucidWatchâ„? threat and vulnerability research service successfully provided preemptive protection for the Microsoft vulnerability exploited by the Zotob worm and its variants.

About Lucid Security Corporation

Lucid Security, based in suburban Philadelphia, is the provider of ipANGEL, the world’s only adaptive, intelligent, self-tuning intrusion prevention appliance. ipANGEL is the only intrusion prevention system that integrates asset discovery, vulnerability discovery and intrusion prevention on a high-performance security appliance. Through its patented Adaptive Intelligenceâ„? technology, ipANGEL enhances security and dramatically reduces the time required for operational maintenance. To learn more visit www.lucidsecurity.com.

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