ICC Software releases Internet Deadbolt 6.0

ICC Software is announcing the release of the Internet Deadbolt version 6.0, it’s new proprietary software that will allow schools, Government entities, or businesses of any size to remotely monitor and control the use of their computers.

“The Internet Deadbolt is more than security software. It allows network administrators, and upper management to get control of their corporate networks by restricting employees downloading of software that may have viruses or worms,” said Anthony Johnson, president of ICC Software. “It has been on the market since 2002. It’s currently in use in banks and financial institutions to help increase security. “

ICC Software developed the Internet Deadbolt version 6.0 in response to the damaging activities that can occur while employees are using computers at work. Companies have reported employees surfing the web, downloading software and chatting on company time.

Internet Deadbolt monitors and restricts all websites that are not authorized by the administrator, and only allows authorized applications to be used. Employee access to inappropriate content on the Internet can lead to gender, minority or religious harassment and discrimination. And distribution of copyrighted or illegal material over your network can lead to legal action taken against your company. In most companies employees are constantly tempted to visit non-work related Web destinations. Just 30 minutes of recreational surfing a day can cost a small company with 500 employees $3,000 per week (at $20/hour/employee). Not much you might think, but over the entire year it cost the company almost $200,000 ($156,000 to exact). What about a medium or Fortune 500 company? The cost can be in the millions! With the IDB you will know if your employees are working or just talking on the phone or to each other and not being productive. The Internet Deadbolt can reduce your network and computer assets exposure to viruses and other malicious software, because the IDB will not allow your employees to go to download sites without your permission.

IDB will not allow employees to run software they may bring in from home, unless authorized by you or the remote administrator. The IDB also blocks chat, instant messenger interactions, ports, and TCP/IP as well. In fact, the IDB is so powerful management, and network administrators can control Internet Explorer functions, lock hard-drives and file directories, do real-time remote viewing of your employees computer screen, and over 40 other enterprise level commands remotely.

If your employees have access to the Internet then you need to get the Internet Deadbolt.

ICC Software offers a free trial version of its software that you can download online at http://www.internetdeadbolt.com/

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