Play It Safe with Utimaco’s SafeGuard PDA 4.0 Solution for Symbian-based Mobile Devices

Oberursel (Germany) and London (UK) 12 October 2005 : Users of Symbian-based smartphones and PDAs now have an extra layer of protection: SafeGuard PDA 4.0 from Utimaco Safeware AG. SafeGuard PDA is the most efficient authentication and encryption solution available, providing comprehensive protection against unauthorised device access or data misuse.

For companies, the major benefit of this latest version of SafeGuard is the ability to issue Symbian-based mobile devices to staff without concerns about security, since SafeGuard PDA blocks any unauthorised attempts to access stored data. Administrators also benefit as SafeGuard PDA is available for Windows Mobile devices, guaranteeing managers a comprehensive and seamless security solution, even in heterogeneous operating system environments.

“As a Symbian Platinum Partner, it was a logical step for us to extend our mobility strategy to include SafeGuard PDA for Symbian-based smartphone operating systems,” explained Ansgar Heinen, expert in Personal Device Security at Utimaco Safeware AG. “SafeGuard PDA’s support for Symbian and Windows Mobile certification ensures total and comprehensive security, rounding off Utimaco’s innovative range of solutions for every class of customer IT infrastructure.”

In the first six months of this year, more than 23 million new mobile telephones worldwide were fitted with the Symbian operating system. To further elevate the levels of security for Symbian devices, Utimaco chose to respond to this growing trend by expanding the features of the latest generation of SafeGuard PDA to cover the Symbian platforms most commonly used in business environments, including the Nokia Communicator 9300/9500 and Sony Ericsson P900/P910i.

The highlights of the solution include its convenient user authentication via password, symbol or number code; its secure screen saver; and its support for quick and easy telephone calling without additional logon. Forgotten passwords can be reset centrally via SafeGuard’s tried-and-tested emergency mechanism, ensuring that affected users can resume work as quickly as possible.

SafeGuard PDA for Symbian and Windows Mobile provides highly-efficient encryption not only for files and directories, but also for internal databases used in Personal Information Management (PIM) such as e-mails, SMS, tasks and events. Data is totally restricted unless the user has the correct authorisation.

SafeGuard PDA also makes administrative tasks easier: using the tried-and-trusted Microsoft Management Console, IT managers can set up password guidelines and encryption and security rules for company PDAs centrally, then implement them throughout the organisation.

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Utimaco Safeware AG

Utimaco is one of the leading technology manufacturer of professional IT security solutions. The security technology and solutions developed by Utimaco protect the electronic data of companies and government bodies against unauthorised access and guarantee that business processes and administrative procedures in the electronic world are binding and confidential. Utimaco Safeware’s Personal Device Security division supplies technologies and solutions for mobile security in the areas of high-level authentication including biometric techniques, encryption and integrity checks. Its products and solutions secure data in terminal server and Citrix environments, on the PC, notebook and PDA at the workplace, and on the move. Utimaco Safeware’s Transaction Security division specialises in security solutions for e-business, e-government and e-payment based on its own technologies (telecommunications management systems, hardware security modules, gateways for e-mail security, aut
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