Survey Shows That Awareness Of Identity Theft Is Lowest In EU Member States

The research survey, conducted in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States by Momentum Research Group, gauges market confidence in conducting more frequent – and higher-value – transactions online and helps businesses to understand the key components in developing trust in online transactions.

The survey shows that consumers in each of these nations are spending more online today, although a significant segment is actively reducing their investment. Online expenditure per respondent during the month of September averaged €153, with 40% stating that this was higher than 12 months ago. The UK leads the way, averaging €231 per consumer, and US consumers spent the least at €129 per capita.

“With this year’s ongoing wave of publicity around US-based data breaches and online fraud, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that understanding of these threats is highest in North America,” comments Art Coviello, president and CEO of RSA Security. “What concerns me is that, while the industry is working hard to promote best practices and defence measures to our citizens, a high volume remain blissfully unaware of what identity theft is – leaving them exposed to potential exploitation.”

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