Cybercrime, Identity Theft, Phishing and Credit Card Fraud Linked to Spyware

Nova Scotia, (PRWEB) October 18, 2005 — SpyCop today announced that commercial monitoring spyware is being developed with features that can rival the most advanced FBI wiretap tools. An article by Will Sturgeon of sums it up rather well: “Spyware is becoming increasingly pernicious and sophisticated, according to security experts who are warning that users are still failing to take basic steps to protect themselves against the threat.” The mass media, along with Internet bloggers, fail to notice the mounting threat that these products now pose. With the rise in cybercrime, including identity theft, phishing and credit card fraud, it’s quite surprising that computer users are still at a loss as to how to protect themselves.

There are over 530 different commercial spy software programs on the market today, and that number is steadily rising as more and more dangerous consumer based products appear each month. Eric Chien, a senior researcher at Symantec, said that techniques such as screen capture, key logging, behavioral analysis and common word recognition are all methods employed by spyware applications to build a profile of a user. SpyCop founder Grey McKenzie urges users to be more proactive about their security.

“Adware isn’t going to ruin your life…your computer maybe, but not your livelihood,” explains McKenzie. “The line has been blurred between adware and commercially available monitoring spyware products, and you need the appropriate anti-spyware applications for each.”

Chien analyzed the threat posed by one common piece of spyware. He explains that the application is programmed to start sending screenshots whenever users are on any page of certain banks’ websites. “Some of these applications can read all https traffic” said Chien. Many computer users have heard of spyware, but simply don’t know where to turn once they’re infected. “Whether you’re big business or the average home Internet user, you need to take security seriously. You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked in a neighborhood where other houses have bars on the windows, right?” McKenzie’s point is that the Internet is not as safe as it once was. “For adware, there’s SpyBot Search and Destroy. For commercial monitoring spyware software, there’s SpyCop”, explains McKenzie.

Where you had viruses to worry about before, you now have stealthy surveillance spyware that will do it’s best to send a complete report of your computer activity back to the perpetrator. NoSpyZone ( distributes a free, easy to follow ebook for users lost in the sea of misinformation regarding spyware and anti-spyware.

About SpyCop:

SpyCop, LLC is the only company in the security industry to develop dedicated software designed to protect the general public from so called “undetectable” commercial surveillance spy software. SpyCop, LLC is a privately held company that has been providing the top surveillance spy detection solution since November 2000. The SpyCop® software for Microsoft Windows continues to be the leading dedicated surveillance scanner on the market.

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