Encryption Company Spins off from PC Guardian to become GuardianEdge Technologies

San Francisco, Calif. (PRWEB) October 23, 2005 — PC Guardian Technologies, the encryption division of San-Rafael, Calif.-based PC Guardian, has spun itself off from its parent company and changed its name to GuardianEdge Technologies Inc. to better respond to the evolving enterprise data encryption market.

“Mobile data is extremely vulnerable to theft, and encryption is the only way to completely protect it,” says GuardianEdge CEO and founder Noah Groth, who launched the encryption business in 1994 with the release of one of the earliest applications that encrypted the entire hard drive, denying unauthorized access to a computer’s master boot record, operating system, applications and data files.

“Consequently, the furthest edge of the network is now the laptop carried by an engineer, an email transmitted to a business partner or a CD-ROM distributed to a field technician. This increased mobility of data creates greater risk for an organization because sensitive or mission-critical data are almost always unencrypted,” says Groth.

GuardianEdge’s unified data protection platform — Encryption Anywhere — gives enterprises greater control of mobile electronic data by offering a single, simple-to-administer solution that allows organizations to remotely protect data on computers, PDAs, removable storage and email while ensuring regulatory compliance, protecting information confidentiality and increasing employee productivity.

Formerly, GuardianEdge was a division of PC Guardian, a leading computer security company with more than 20 years of expertise developing data protection and computer anti-theft solutions for enterprises. Today, GuardianEdge is a separate, stand-alone entity.

Earlier this year, GuardianEdge received $6 million in funding from Altos Ventures and Cardinal Venture Capital.

About GuardianEdge Technologies:

GuardianEdge Technologies is a trusted partner to more than 450 organizations that are using its enterprise-class encryption across multiple devices and applications. Since 1994, GuardianEdge’s encryption solutions have simplified encryption and control of enterprise data, ensured regulatory compliance and protected information confidentiality. Earlier this year, GuardianEdge received $6 million in funding from Altos Ventures and Cardinal Venture Capital. For more information, please visit http://www.guardianedge.com/.

About PC Guardian:

Founded in 1984, PC Guardian Anti-Theft Products Inc. is headquartered in San Rafael, Calif., and is a leader in the computer security industry, providing large enterprises with physical security solutions that protect against the theft of computers, flat-screen monitors, and other peripherals such as printers, projectors and video equipment. PC Guardian clients include defense, aerospace, finance, and manufacturing companies worldwide, as well as large educational institutions and major US government agencies. For more information visit http://www.pcguardian.com/

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