VoIP Security Alliance Delivers VoIP Security Framework

The Voice over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA), today released the first comprehensive description of security and threats in the field of VoIP. The results, known as the VoIP Security Threat Taxonomy, provide the industry with a clear view of VoIP threats, the vulnerabilities and a context for balancing trade-offs.

The project is the first completed project of VOIPSA, an organization formed in February with the purpose of improving the public awareness of issues and best practices for securing Voice over IP.

Major elements of the work include the following:

  • Core definitions that give specific meaning to privacy and security.
  • A framework that effectively connects public policy and technology issues.
  • Recognition of the human element in threats as distinct from their technical means.
  • Specific sets of issues for consideration by legislative bodies and by law enforcement.
  • A detailed structure for technical vulnerabilities across the value chain.

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