Web Site Provides Internet Security Resources to Consumers

(PRWEB) October 27, 2005 — Internet Security has become a major issue due to the explosion of web users over the last few years. The privacy of individuals has become more at risk as a result of web sites that use Spyware, Adware or other forms of Malware to gather personal information from its visitors.

Some of the information collected can be relatively harmless, such as the tracking of a visitor’s “click stream” as they surf the internet. However, many of the Malware programs can be much more devious and can infiltrate a user’s PC to collect private data such as PIN numbers, account numbers and even Social Security Numbers, which can ultimately result in Identity Theft or some other form of fraud.

PCSecuritySource.com features numerous points of reference for visitors, including:

“Articles regarding Internet Security
“Comparisons of available Spyware Removal and Anti-Virus Programs
“A large database of known Spyware, Adware and Virus Definitions
“Product recommendations, including a detailed description of XoftSpy 4.16, the most recent version of Advanced Spyware Removal Technology created by Paretologic, Inc.

The site also features links to over 10,000 additional resources on the web. These resources include information about finances, health, fitness, entertainment, computer software and much more.

The mission of PCSecuritySource.com is to provide a leading online source of information for consumers in need of information about Internet Security. For more information, please visit us at http://www.PCSecuritySource.com.

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