Trend Micro Unveils “Worry-Free Security” Initiative, Delivers Solutions for Overcoming Security Challenges In Small Businesses

Cupertino, CA – October 31, 2005 – Trend Micro, Inc. (TSE:4704, NASDAQ: TMIC), a leader in antivirus and Internet content security, today announced a new “Worry-Free Security” initiative aimed at helping smaller businesses with little or no IT support to overcome the challenge of securing their networks. The first phase of this initiative, which over time will feature additional services and solutions designed for small and medium businesses, includes the latest versions of Trend Micro’s antivirus and antivirus/anti-spam solutions with added personal firewall protection: Client Server Security and Client Server Messaging Security for SMB.

Trend Micro’s “Worry-Free Security” initiative offloads the time and expertise required for protecting against viruses, worms, spyware, spam, trojans, and the loss of confidential information. The initiative features three strategic components: automatic threat protection, all-in-one, integrated defense against a variety of threats, and zero administration. All three deliver an automated security shield that protects businesses while minimizing the need for round-the-clock IT support. Its automatic threat protection system provides a significant, innovative solution for delivering this promise.

Trend Microâ„? Client Server Security for SMB 3.0 combines existing threat prevention technology with a new automated approach to provide seamless monitoring, response, and defense against numerous security threats – from viruses to hackers. Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.0 adds protection against spam, phishing, and inappropriate email content. Acting as a virtual 24×7 security staff, these solutions assess, prevent, protect, and clean up attacks before they become costly problems. In doing so, they help eliminate numerous security and business concerns that smaller organizations typically face.

“For small businesses, the burden of managing unpredictable threats can be immense,” said Steve Quane, general manager of Trend Micro Small and Medium Business operations. “Often companies do not have a full IT support team, and even if they do, they may not have dedicated security experts. These organizations want a single solution – with one single install and one product to manage – that can help them secure their business automatically.”

According to a recent Trend Micro study of small and medium businesses, 85 percent of respondents said they wanted a vendor to advise them of security threats and provide guidance for protecting their business assets. Additionally, 72 percent said they preferred limited involvement in responding to an outbreak and that they wanted a security solution to protect their computer network in a seamless, self-sufficient manner. Trend Micro’s solutions are designed to meet these needs. With automated defense, companies can stay informed of their current security system status without committing valuable resources to everyday management tasks.

“Trend Micro’s worry-free solutions help small and medium businesses eliminate concerns about adopting new technology, enabling them to improve their total cost of ownership as a result,” Quane added. “These solutions minimize the time spent worrying about security threats, enabling customers to focus on what counts most – driving their business forward.”

Availability and Pricing:

Trend Micro Client Server Security for SMB 3.0 is available in November in North America with an SRP of $23.63/seat for 101 seats, and Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.0 is available in November with an SRP of $45.15/seat for 101 seats.

About Trend Micro

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