AppGate Network Security releases new MindTerm version 3.0

AppGate today announced the launch of a major upgrade to its highly popular secure remote access client, MindTerm. Over 100 000 users have already downloaded the java-based software, which is small, portable and secure but still extremely powerful, providing secure encrypted communications.

The improvements in version 3.0 include:

· New swing based GUI (graphical user interface): A new GUI has been coded in Swing. This new GUI will use the native look-and-feel. The old AWT-based GUI is still present and will be used if needed;

· Support for UTF-8 and other encodings: It is now possible to configure which character encoding to use. All encodings supported by Java are supported and these include UTF-8, EUC-JP and EUC_KR. This makes it possible to use MindTerm all over the world.

· New SOCKS proxy: MindTerm can now act as a SOCKS server. MindTerm handles the requests and converts them to new port forwards;

· Faster operation: Speed improvements have been made to the terminal emulator. In addition, the new version includes faster file transfer, as well as the ability to transfer files over 2Gb in size.

Improved security features: version 3.0 adds support for the ssh newmodes draft, as well as the compression mode and the new arcfour mode. It also supports the diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 key exchange method.

MindTerm is already an OEM component, used worldwide by companies like Sun Microsystems. MindTerm can also be downloaded free of charge for personal and limited commercial use for up to 25 users.

“These new features in MindTerm version 3.0 have been implemented as a direct result of feedback from our customers”, says Martin Forssén, Development Manager at AppGate Network Security. “This new release provides better usability for both end users and developers. For end users this is achieved by a new GUI which follows the underlying platform look-and-feel. This means that Linux, Windows, Mac OS X as well as other users will see a GUI which looks just like any other native application. The speed of transferring files has also been significantly improved.”

“For developers MindTerm 3.0 contains improved examples and better API documentation. We have also removed the dependency on the external “javamake” tool. Now MindTerm ships with a build.xml-file for use with the industry standard “ant” java build tool. But MindTerm 3.0 can also readily be imported into an IDE. MindTerm 3.0 supports even more encryption modes and compression algorithms than previous versions”, continues Mr. Forssén.

What is MindTerm?

MindTerm is an extremely powerful and easy to use secure remote access client that implements the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. It is written in Java and is available as a stand alone application to access standard SSH-aware hosts and as a library component so it can be designed into web pages and downloaded as an applet. Like any SSH client, MindTerm can also be used as a client to connect to an AppGate Security Server system.

The software includes integrated full-featured terminal emulation and provides attractions such as tunneling support file transfer GUI as well as support for HTTP and SOCKS proxies.

Other new features included in MindTerm 3.0:

· Implemented Tandem 6530 terminal emulator

The terminal window can now emulate a Tandem 6530 terminal.

· Improved documentation

The API documentation has been expanded to cover more classes.

· Builds with Java 1.5

This version of MindTerm can be built with Java 1.5

· New and updated examples

· Updated BackSpace/Delete key handling

The code handling the Delete and BackSpace keys has been improved to have better defaults and more flexibility.

· DNS round-robin

· No longer uses javamake

The build process no longer requires javamake. Instead everything is built through ant.

· Removed support for old Netscape 4

Removed the specific code which supported the old Netscape 4 Java implementation.

· Changed license

The license has been updated. The only significant change is that the number of users permitted under the free use clause has been changed to 25.

Read more about MindTerm and licenses at

MindTerm is also available for download from this address.

About AppGate Network Security AB

In a world with fewer borders, the demand for network security changes from security at the gate, to security at the application. AppGate is the leader in this space, with a solution that protects applications, protects communication and secures end point devices.

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