SSH Tectia Introduces Seamless Openssh Compatibility

HELSINKI, FINLAND and WELLESLEY, Mass. – November 28, 2005 – SSH Communications Security Corp. (HEX:SSH1V), a world-leading provider of enterprise security solutions and end-to-end communications security, and the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol, today announced new features for improved interoperability between SSH Tectia and OpenSSH implementations.

Both SSH Tectia and OpenSSH are based on the Secure Shell version 2 (SSH2) protocol specifications, originally developed by SSH Communications Security and standardized by the IETF. However, OpenSSH deviates from the standards in its SCP (Secure Copy) implementation. SSH Tectia Client and Server now incorporate a compatibility mode for OpenSSH SCP, which still uses the old Secure Shell version 1 (SSH1). In addition, the new SSH Tectia product versions will support the OpenSSH public-key file format, eliminating the need for manual key conversions.

The improved compatibility features will be beneficial for enterprises that are in the process of migrating their OpenSSH environments to SSH Tectia, creating a smoother transition to ensure seamless connectivity during the migration period. A number of organizations choose to deploy SSH Tectia initially to a specific server platform type, network domain, business division, or geographic site, and then expand use of SSH Tectia to other parts of the network over a period of months while continuing to use OpenSSH in those areas during the migration period.

“The large installed base of the OpenSSH code on Linux and Unix servers today is a major opportunity for SSH,” said Arto Vainio, CEO of SSH Communications Security. “Many organizations are choosing SSH Tectia as an enterprise-class Secure Shell deployment with its robust features, management capabilities, and expanding functionality and enhanced performance roadmap. With improved interoperability, we can now offer more complementing Secure Shell solutions to those organizations that are already using OpenSSH, and also provide an easy migration for customers who want to deploy SSH Tectia throughout the enterprise.”

Pricing and Availability

SSH Tectia Client 4.4 and SSH Tectia Server 4.4 with enhanced OpenSSH compatibility are immediately available for existing maintenance customers. The new features will be generally available in SSH Tectia Client 5.1 and Server 5.1 in the beginning of 2006. Product evaluations, pricing and further details can be obtained by contacting regional SSH sales, or by visiting for more information.

About SSH Tectia

SSH Tectia is the leading end-to-end communications security solution for the enterprise. The SSH Tectia solution is based on the SSH Secure Shell and SSH’s other industry leading technologies used by millions worldwide. SSH Tectia enables secure system administration, secure file transfer and secure application connectivity with centralized management throughout the internal and external network. SSH Tectia products provide transparent strong encryption and authentication, and are available for all key enterprise platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux and mainframes to easily integrate into heterogeneous network environments.

About SSH Communications Security

SSH Communications Security is a world-leading provider of enterprise security solutions and end-to-end communications security, and the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol. The company’s SSH Tectia solution addresses the most critical needs of large enterprises, financial institutions, and government agencies. With SSH Tectia, organizations can cost-effectively secure their system administration, file transfers and application connectivity against both internal and external security risks. As the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol and other key network security technologies, SSH has for 10 years developed end-to-end communications security solutions specifically for the enterprise. Currently more than 100 of Global Fortune 500 companies are using SSH security solutions. SSH shares are quoted on the Helsinki Exchanges Main List. For more information, please visit

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