GentleSecurity pleased to announce the immediate release of GeSWall Intrusion Prevention System for Windows

GeSWall ensures safe use of the internet applications. It protects you from intrusions and malicious software by isolating vulnerable applications. Isolation applies an access restriction policy that effectively prevents all kinds of attacks, known and unknown, including:

– Key loggers, rootkits, backdoors
– Intrusions
– Malicious software spreading
– Confidential file disclosure

Many present security solutions are either over-complicated for a regular user or are not able to ensure security and handle only known attacks. GeSWall is a major innovation as it bridges the gap between security and usability by providing strong mandatory security policy, which is non-intrusive for a user.

GeSWall focuses on attack objectives such as taking control of a PC, stealing data, breaking system integrity etc. Instead of blocking specific attack techniques, GeSWall prevents all threats that involve damage, e.g. malicious software (viruses, trojans, spyware), software vulnerabilities and mis-configuration, social engineering etc. At the same time, GeSWall is non-intrusive and does not disable important application functionality.

Once installed, GeSWall dynamically isolates web browsers, e-mail, chat, P2P, IRC clients and other applications that may serve as entry points for malicious software or intrusions. Viruses, trojans, spyware and exploits cannot pass through an isolated application and so cannot cause damage.

The technology used allows any application to be automatically isolated without configuration by a user. To make it even smoother and transparent, GeSWall applies specific access rules for most popular internet applications. Those specific rules come in an open Application Database. GentleSecurity team regularly adds new applications to the database so you can get smooth support for more applications from the automatic update service.

Though GeSWall does not require support or education to use, it provides powerful features to customize advanced settings. With the GeSWall MMC Console, advanced users may choose an appropriate security mode and create rules for applications, which are not currently in the application database.

Key Features

* Prevents key loggers, rootkits, backdoors.
* Prevents confidential file disclosure.
* Prevents intrusions.
* Prevents malicious software spreading.
* Independent of attack techniques.
* Easy to use – fully non-intrusive, no configuration required.

An additional information and freeware version download are available on our web site


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