Gigamon Announces the Release of GigaVUE-MP a Three-in-One Data-Access Solution

San Jose, CA ? Gigamon Systems, manufacturer of enterprise network infrastructure for out-of-band monitoring, releases GigaVUE-MP, a new line of data-access switches for ?out-of-band? security, performance, and transaction monitoring of mission-critical enterprise networks.

GigaVUE-MP allows dynamic access to traffic anywhere in the enterprise network. GigaVUE-MP can resolve contention for SPAN ports between multiple tools by multiplexing the traffic from multiple data sources. It saves on tool budgets by aggregating streams from multiple sources thus reducing the number of tools customers need to deploy while providing a ?big pipe? view of EtherChannel links or any parallel links in a redundantly meshed network. GigaVUE-MP intelligently directs critical data to each analysis tool such as sniffers, IDS?s, VoIP analyzers, so that each tool gets a uniquely customized view. This allows customers to resolve the problem of ?too many tools, not enough SPAN ports? and give each tool only the data it needs.

Some of the key features and benefits of GigaVUE-MP are:

? Hardware filters map traffic to each tool ? any data to any tool
? Aggregate multiple links to single tools
? Multiplex single links to multiple tools
? Unobtrusive tool access – Do moves, adds, and changes at any convenient time.

At its initial product launch at Interop Las Vegas 2005, GigaVUE-MP was picked by the InteropNet engineers as the technology-of-choice to provide comprehensive network-view data access. Since then, Gigamon, with their GigaVUE family of flagship products, has made a mark in the networking community reaching the million dollar sales in a short 6 months. Now at Interop NY in December, Gigamon has been selected as the Official Out-of-Band Data-Access Provider. After seeing a return performance, Glenn Evans, Chief Network Engineer of the InteropNet commented, ?By utilising the Gigamon System in the early stages of the InteropNet buildout, we gave the engineering team a powerful tool to implement a filtered instrumentation system throughout the network by multiplexing the numerous data feeds into a variety of vendor tools. This filtering capability enables the tools to see only the data that is relevant to them and resolves all conflicts in gaining data access. This makes it easier for the engineering staff to diagnose issues if and when they occur.? According to Evans, ?Gigamon has become an essential piece of the networking management and instrumentation puzzle.?

About Gigamon Systems

Gigamon Systems? GigaVUE-MP Data-Access Switches filter, aggregate, and multiplex critical data from multiple links to multiple ?out-of-band? monitoring tools including sniffers, IDS?s, VoIP analyzers, transaction and application performance monitors, and forensic recorders. GigaVUE-MP significantly reduces capital, operational expenditures, and improves uptime by enabling more flexible network security, monitoring, and troubleshooting while using fewer and less intrusive tools. For more information about the company and their products, please visit

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