Apani Networks Named a Top 50 IT Company by Service Providers Weekly Magazine

BREA, Calif. – December 1, 2005 – Apani Networks, the leading enterprise network security software provider focused on securing inside the network perimeter, has been named one of Service Provider’s Weekly Magazine’s Top 50 IT Providers (www.apani.com/sp_award). The publication announced the Top 50 Award winners alphabetically in its October 17 edition. Apani was selected because the company’s EpiForce software addresses the growing need to secure inside the network perimeter by securing data in motion and protecting data at rest.

Service Provider Weekly, the nation’s oldest and longest running magazine for ISPs and Service Providers, evaluated hundreds of technology offerings that deliver a unique need or were determined to be “best of breed” as part of the evaluation process.

“Apani Networks offers end users an innovative solution for securing inside the network perimeter which is the source of at least half of all security breaches,” said Ken Durham, editor, SP Weekly. “EpiForce’s is a compelling security solution for today’s large organizations that need to secure data in motion while maintaining corporate governance standards for regulatory compliance. This is why Apani made the list for the 2005 Top 50.”

“We are delighted to be recognized by SP Weekly for this select award,” said David M. Lynch, vice president of marketing, Apani Networks. “The market now recognizes the need to secure inside the perimeter to defend against the growing number of data thefts worldwide. Earning this award is a validation of Apani’s leadership in this critical market segment.”

EpiForce is a centralized security management system uniquely designed to secure inside the network perimeter. By automating security policy enforcement, network wide point-to-point encryption and machine-level access control, EpiForce becomes the epicenter of enforcement.

Designed for large distributed deployments, Apani EpiForce secures data-in-motion and protects data-at-rest. Supporting the entire environment irrespective of operating platforms, and controlled centrally, EpiForce enforces security relationships, reports on any attempted unauthorized activity, logically segments the network for defense in depth, and provides an effective audit trail to reduce the overall cost of audit.

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About Apani Networks

Established in 2003, Apani Networks is the leading enterprise network security software provider focused on securing inside the network perimeter. EpiForce, the company’s flagship product, provides a transparent security layer for networked applications by encrypting data in motion, enforcing machine-level access control and centrally managing security policy relationships. Apani enables corporate IT managers to quickly, automatically and cost effectively lock down their networks, while providing the security and audit trail necessary to demonstrate compliance to the wide range of regulations that affect enterprises today. For more information, visit www.apani.com.

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