AttachmateWRQ Collaborates With Microsoft To Enhance It Security

AttachmateWRQT today announced that it has joined the Microsoft SecureIT Alliance, a community of security providers working together to deliver additional integrated security solutions for the Microsoft platform. Through the Alliance, AttachmateWRQ and Microsoft together will develop the latest IT security enhancements designed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of corporate data, while increasing business information sharing across the enterprise.

As part of the Alliance, AttachmateWRQ will work to ensure secure interoperability between the Microsoft platform and other heterogeneous computing platforms and environments.

“With over 40,000 customers worldwide, AttachmateWRQ’s membership in the Microsoft SecureIT Alliance further demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing customers with comprehensive security tools that meet the highest security guidelines,” said Randy Robinson, senior vice president of products and marketing for AttachmateWRQ. “AttachmateWRQ’s collaboration with the Microsoft SecureIT Alliance will provide an important layer of defense to customers looking to safeguard private data, secure networks and meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.”

AttachmateWRQ has been delivering secure connections from Microsoft environments since 1995 through products that include EXTRA!R, INFOConnect, ReflectionR and more recently Reflection for Secure IT. AttachmateWRQ’s security tools meet the highest levels of U.S. government security standards for encryption and authentication.

“As a valued Microsoft partner, AttachmateWRQ brings over 20 years of experience securely extending IT information,” said Bruce Burns, director of technical diplomacy for Microsoft. “AttachmateWRQ will play an important role in helping the Alliance deliver authentication, authorization and access control solutions, enabling their products to integrate more closely with the Microsoft platform.”

Whether customers are accessing information on terminal screens, transferring files or managing remote servers, AttachmateWRQ offerings enable Microsoft customers to safeguard business critical data. In June 2005, AttachmateWRQ launched the new versions of Reflection software, a line of highly advanced and Federally-validated (FIPS 140-2) host access products and a set of Secure Shell (SSH) security tools. The company also introduced Reflection for Secure IT, the first and only SSH solution to be certified for compliance with Department of Defense (DoD) Class 3 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Public Key-Enabled (PKE) application requirements.

AttachmateWRQ security offerings work collaboratively or as stand-alone tools along with the company’s host integration and management products such as DATABridgeT, e-VantageR, KEA!R, NetWizardR, SynaptaT and VerastreamR, enabling companies to extend the use of existing IT investments while adopting valuable new technologies to improve their businesses.

About Microsoft SecureIT Alliance

Microsoft SecureIT Alliance is a group of security partners that are working together to develop security solutions for the Microsoft platform. The SecureIT Alliance expands the security and Internet safety partnerships Microsoft has with other industry leaders and governments, including the Virus Information Alliance and the Global Infrastructure Alliance for Internet Safety. More information on the SecureIT Alliance can be found at

About AttachmateWRQ

AttachmateWRQ focuses on extending more information, to more people, in the most secure and manageable way possible. The leader in multi-host access and integration, the company enables organizations to maximize the value of their existing IT investments as they advance their long-term business and IT strategies. Headquartered in Seattle, AttachmateWRQ serves over 40,000 customers in nearly 60 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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